How Far In Advance To Plan A House Move?

When you decide to change the location of your home, dealing with that process can be challenging. You will have to deal with a lot of things. First, be aware that the proper arrangement of your things in the boxes can be especially important. The key is to keep your devices, appliances, valuable items, glass, and other things safe.

Also, the selection of the company that will help you with this process is very important as well. The best solution is to look for a well-known and licensed business where you can get help from people with proper experience in this area. If you are looking for this service in Montreal, check out

Moreover, proper planning is crucial. It can be difficult to deal with this process when you have to go to work every day. In that matter, the best option is to start on time. Here are some tips related to how far in advance you should start preparing.


Determine Your Budget

Good timing is crucial if you want to save more money. On the other side, it is not so important if you can spend more. In that case, the best solution is to choose a full service where a company will deal with everything starting from the arrangement of your stuff, securing their safety, storing in the truck, and then moving to a new address.

After that, they will place them in the same outline as they were in your previous home. However, such convenience will come with a higher price, and if you are not interested in spending more than $1,000 for it, you will have to deal with most of these things alone.


What is the Best Timeline?

First of all, you should start with the things that you are not using so often. Create a plan where you will leave only the necessary things for the last round. For example, start with the valuable items, art, furniture, and clothes that are not in the season at the moment. You can deal with these things more than one month before the determined day.

Be sure that all things are safe when you place them in a box. Pay special attention to appliances and various devices you have. Also, you might need professional help to detach certain devices, such as the dishwashing machine, washing machine, coffee machine, and more.

Another thing that might cause issues if your rush is the selection of the service. The prices can be quite different if you hire them in advance. Also, they could be cheaper if you set the date to be on a working day.

Besides that, there are many companies that you will find in this area, but not all of them are licensed and reliable. The issue when you choose one that is too cheap is that there might be people without the proper experience, and it could cause damage to your stuff, and many other problems.

The best solution you can make is to contact them one month before the date and set the deal including all the details. After that, you can start with other parts of the process. The time depends on your schedule as well. If you have a lot of work and you cannot spend a lot of time placing your stuff into boxes, you will have to start even earlier.

Furthermore, compare the layout of current and new apartments since that will make the arrangement much easier as well. For example, if the layout of rooms is similar, you can choose an option where you will place things into boxes by choosing each room separately. That will make it much easier for you to settle at the new address.

However, you might not be able to combine things in the right order this way. For instance, you won’t be able to place different types of items in the same spot. Therefore, an even better solution is to mark the boxes and determine those for clothes, appliances, valuable items, documents, decoration, and other things.

When the date is getting closer, you should increase the pace and start with the essentials such as cosmetics and other things in the bathroom, regular clothes, shoes, TV, and all other things that you are using every day. Keep in mind that efficiency and good timing can make the whole process much cheaper since most of these companies will charge you per hour.

On the other hand, if you are not sure that you can store some things in the right way, keeping them for professionals is the right thing to do. The same is for wardrobes, shelves, and other things that require additional tools.

There are many things that are connected to electricity, and dealing with them in a rush could lead to various issues. For example, if you want to carry the air-conditioning system, it will require professional assistance to detach it from the wall.


Last Words

It is not simple to determine the right moment when you have to start with this process. It depends on various factors. One of the most important ones is related to how much free time you will have to deal with it. The complexity is also important. When there are heavier things and appliances, proper help will be necessary.

In that matter, focusing only on saving more money is not the best option since you are risking damaging some of your things, which will lead to even higher expenses in the end. On the other side, arranging and sorting everything before the professionals come will make the process much faster and easier for both sides.

In the end, it is simple to understand why it is important to secure the safety and proper layout on time. Also, calling a couple of friends is also a great choice if you want to save more. Still, the main reason why you should determine the right moment is to avoid the struggle and get to a new address with ease.

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