9 Car Gadgets to Make Long Rides More Comfortable

Long road trips can be the most rewarding way to travel. They allow travelers to make their own schedule and take as many breaks as they need. It’s also a chance to go beyond the touristy places and get to know the locals.

However, these trips can also be tiresome and uncomfortable if you don’t prepare for them as you should. Here we offer a list of gadgets and accessories that you should try if you’re planning a long road trip in the near future.

1. A Magnetic Phone Holder

A phone holder is an essential item to have in your car. Driving while talking on the phone is one of the most dangerous things you can do behind the wheel and it’s the cause of many accidents.  A car mount will keep your phone mounted close to you and allow you to keep your hands on the wheel.

It’s easy enough to set up and mount as it uses magnets and it works with most if not all cars when it comes to design and blending the phone with the interior.

2. Item Locator


This is an especially important gadget if you’re traveling with kids and have a hectic trip altogether. The locators are attached to the items you want to find (such as bags, computers, or even items of clothing). They are then easily located via an app on your phone.

The locators can beep and they can be displayed on the map on your phone. There’s a range to the devices, however, so make sure that you have a routine when it comes to looking for your stuff if you want the locators to help you at the right time.

3. A Document Organizer

This may not seem like a travel gadget, but a well-organized folder that you can easily store in a car will do wonders when it comes to traveling internationally. You’ll need to bring along a photo ID, a national driving permit, an international permit issued by the InternationalDriverAssociation, as well as documents related to the insurance policy

These tend to add up and create a mess and all of the documents need to be produced quickly once the authorities ask for them. A waterproof folder with a separate compartment that you can easily find, can help with that.

4. A Car Dash Cam

A car dash cam is an especially important device if you’re renting a vehicle and driving in an urban area. It will record everything that can be seen from your dashboard and it’s therefore very useful if you have a traffic dispute with the police or another driver.

There are a lot of details to take into account with these cameras – the most important of which will be how much footage they can record and where that footage will be stored. This small device can save you a lot of money in the right circumstances.

5. A Portable Power Bank


Every road trip these days includes quite a lot of devices that you need to bring along and charge. The best way to go is therefore to have a power bank that you can use to charge on the go. Depending on the size of the bank you can charge most devices at least a few times without having to stop and recharge the bank itself.

Make sure that the bank comes with enough charging cables and that it’s small and compact enough to withstand all the abuse that comes with a long drive with kids.

6. Gel Seat Cushion

Driving a long time isn’t the healthiest thing for your body and that’s why you need to take plenty of breaks. It will probably be most noticeable in back pains and rigid feeling in your legs, but there are ways to avoid this with a simple device. A gel seat cushion will keep your posture straight and relieve or reduce the pain.

This is most useful for a driver who needs to remain focused and keep their mind on the road. However, it’s perfectly fine to get one for every passenger since they will all feel the downsides of long drives.

7. Seat Belt Cutter and Glass Breakers

These two devices often come as one item and they are small enough to be placed in the glove box. In most cases, you’ll never use the device, but it can actually save your life when things go bad. It’s especially important to have it if your car is sinking and you want to break out quickly.

It’s best to try the device out before you throw it into the glow box. The cutter is quite useless if you don’t know how to quickly use it and escape the drowning car.

8. Jump Starter Pack


If you’re driving through a storm or if you leave your lights on, you may end up with a dead car battery. This is an easy problem to fix with the proper device, but if you’re in the middle of the road when it happens you’re on your own. This is where a jump starter pack can help.

Again, it’s a device that’s meant to be used in case of an emergency. A driver should take the time to learn how to use it and to do it quickly and in a tense situation. This preparation can save you a lot of time at the right moment.

9. Car Vacuum Cleaner

Car vacuum cleaners aren’t for everyone but for those who travel with kids – they can make your ride so much more comfortable. The vacuum cleaner can be packed in a trunk and mobile ones don’t need to be plugged in at all.

The devices are also easy enough to clean once you make a stop and they are easy enough to operate as well. The device can come in different sizes and there are some that can be plugged into a car. It will also make cleaning your car once at home that much easier and more detailed.

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