7 Most Romantic Places to Visit with Spouse in Croatia

An ideal romantic location should evoke the feelings of couples and provide elements for intimacy such as space, food, sceneries, and adventure. With these words, we’ve just described Croatia.

The country has several locations for spouses to give their partners the time of their life. Perhaps you’re looking to do the same. We hope to make it easier for you by suggesting some of the most romantic places in Croatia.

1. Motovun


If you’ve promised your partner the world, begin with a visit to Motovun. The settlement doubles as a village and municipality in the hilly part of central Istria. The location has the most picturesque setting anyone can imagine.

The town has a rich history and culture which would delight you. You’ll have an unforgettable experience walking up the hills to soak in the view of the walled village. Moreover, you’ll find several comfortable accommodations where you won’t lose sight of Motovun’s terroir.

Several pubs and restaurants are present to give your partner some unique Croatian treats in terms of food and wine. And if you both fancy truffles, you’re in luck. Eateries in this settlement specialize in making truffle dishes, pasta, meat, and fish.

We can’t possibly forget to mention Motovun’s annual film festival. What more could aid your romantic quest than theatre experiences with lots of food, drinks, and cultural exhibition? If you’re wondering how to get there, should get you started.

2. Zagreb

Our search for the perfect couple getaway brings us to Zagreb, the largest city and capital of Croatia. The city lives to its status as a capital and one of the finest romantic places in the country.

While the city has many tourist locations which you expect a crowd, there are also several places for lovebirds to have personal times and reflections.

You can walk into the city’s several restaurants for some quintessential Croatian dishes and drinks. There is also a wide range of places to lodge, from reputed hotels to private lodges, as your pocket can handle.

We also know there are several parks, museums, and gardens to visit with your darling. Meanwhile, there are countless places to stroll around the city to enjoy the architecture and culture. Who knows, you both may find your private kissing spot as some people swore they have.

3. Rovinj


The thought of spending some time on an island is romantic, and when it is Rovinj, that’s heaven for lovers. The town consists of several islands and makes the perfect spot for people interested in water activity. Explore the beaches, and of course, eat lots of sea foods from their ever-buzzing restaurants.

The old town also holds several ancient features worth your while should you decide to go sightseeing. There is also the artistic Church of Euphemia. The historic structure is so dazzling that it never lacks artists trying to capture it on canvas. Couples can choose to have a sketch of themselves if they wish as well.

Will you need a quiet place together? No problems. There are many gardens to spend time together and pull out colorful flowers to place by your partner’s ears. The experience is endless in Rovinj, and you’ll always want to return after the first visit.

4. Vis

The island Vis could well earn a name as the enchantment island for its fairytale-like setting. Couples would find a paradise in all that this location has to offer.

The island remains unadulterated with several beaches and many areas to do something romantic with your sweetheart away from prying eyes.

Here, you can have a long list of seafood with lots of mouth-coating wine to savor with your companion. And if action is what you need, thrill yourself with a visit to the renowned Blue Cave, jump from several cliffs, or go on a ride on speed boats.

There isn’t just a boring time on this island. We advise you to let the island take you both by its beauty, and you’ll find a million ideas of what romantic things to do here.

5. Hvar Town


If your sense of romance is going wild, we have the perfect place for you – Hvar town. Nothing is quiet about this town except you are intentional about finding one. There is no telling who you could stumble upon as many celebrities love to hang out there, at least for the never-ending parties.

And yes, there are several pubs and restaurants to eat some classic Croatian cuisines and guzzle varieties of wine. Try to keep your heads clear because there are still lots to do even after.

Explore the medieval structures like the Benedictine Convent, the Arsenal, the Fortica, and many more. Chill out in the evening at any beach of your choice and wrap up the day in a lodge matching your pocket. So much love and fun await you in Hvar town.

6. Trogir

Do you fancy a romantic trip to a UNESCO world heritage site? Here is a whole town to explore with your beloved. The ancient Trogir town lies on a small island and is accessible by bridges from Croatia’s mainland.

The town is full of charms and splendor. You would love the excellent blend of ancient and modern atmosphere it provides. Visit historic sites and marvel at antique buildings and museums. The crown jewel is the Cathedral of St Lawrence, constructed over three centuries.

Of course, there are more attractions to wow you and clear beaches to relax and soak in the beautiful view. Meanwhile, you can lodge in luxury accommodations, each allowing you to view the scenery.

Moreover, there are fantastic restaurants across the town to get food and wine which match the city’s status. The significant part is you both can leisurely explore the nook and cranny of this place in a day.

Final Notes


Keeping your partner happy can be crucial to your happiness as well. Why not consider bringing your spouse to permanently live with you so you can plan more romantic trips together?

If that sounds nice, you should consider seeking proper immigration advice before your partner hits the road. Doing so will allow you and your partner to enjoy a hitch-free tour in Croatia.

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