Top 6 Most Popular Family Cars in USA

Choosing a car is always a laborious process that requires a lot of time and effort. It is especially important to choose a high-quality car for trips with the family.

A family car must be large enough to fit suitcases, bicycles and animals. If you are going to San Diego and don’t know which car to choose, we recommend that you contact SUV rentals San Diego with Here, you can find the most suitable car brand for you and you can experience the pleasure of the trip. We are going to discuss advantages and disadvantages of some popular family cars in USA, which you can see in this article. We gonna discuss six popular cars and to this list we included: Hyundai Tucson, Nissan X -Trail, KIA Soul, Renault Duster, Opel Zafira Tourer, Infiniti QX60. So let’s start our car overview and discuss all the relevant questions.

1. Hyundai Tucson

A model called the Hyundai Tucson is the most popular car choice not only among American families, but also people around the world. This car is quite popular even in Europe. It remains the leader among the best SUV rental prices throughout America.

New Tucson is a great choice for everyone. It offers interesting bonuses that many cars do not have: a 10-inch bezel-less instrument panel, interior contour lighting, LED lights and much more.

Also, this Hyundai is very spacious. It can fit a large amount of luggage in the trunk, and a lot of seats. It is easy to use for long trips with animals. There is special comfort for the driver: he can adjust the seat in a comfortable position, have a great view and much more. This car is suitable for family trips, as well as for company of young people, who wanna explore the city. This car model seems to be safe for children and with all conditions.

2. Nissan X-Trail


The Nissan X-Trail is not just a car. It is a real art. This model is indispensable if you want to choose a car for family trips. The remaining version of this car is seen with its cosmetic changes, which appear in the details: headlights, bodywork, lighting and a lot of other things. Price – your ideal option for family car rental, even if your car has a lot of bonuses for both water and passengers.

It is known for its compactness and comfort, because you will be able to feel lightness for your feet and accommodate a large company. This car looks very stylish and is quite economical. So if you want to save your budget and still take care of the comfort of your family, this car can be a suitable match.

3. KIA Soul

KIA Soul serves as an equally interesting and popular car. It has many nice bonuses for its customers. One of them is the signature square shape and wide roof for summer family trips. You can find more detailed information about this model on the website.There is a highly developed noise isolation system that allows you not to feel extraneous sounds while driving and creates a feeling of complete safety. Your children would be calm during the trip and safe from different external sounds.

Moreover, if you specifically want to rent a 7 seater SUV, KIA Soul will be your ideal option for travel. By choosing our company, you are choosing comfort and a pleasant experience.

4. Renault Duster


This model is your best choice for family vacations and various trips. This car can without exaggeration be called one of the leaders of cars designed for the middle class. Renault Duster is an amazing and reliable off- road vehicle, which is undeniably reliable and practical for every user.

Thanks to this large and wide car, tourists travel equally confidently on any road. This car has a very high cross- country ability, so it can easily drive on a flat country road, moderate off-road or mountain slopes throughout America.

5. Opel Zafira Tourer

This Opel model is the most optimal option if you want to travel with your family in America. This seven – seater jeep includes internal space in the form of a 5- or 7 – seater for the passengers. A convenient vision of the front seats, the availability of perfect side supports, four separate seats in the second row, and a space more applicable for children.

As for the seven-seat version, it limits the trunk to a volume of 150 liters. When using five seats, the volume gains 710 liters. Despite the lack of an ability to lay the middle row, the capacity of free space reaches 1,860 liters.

6. Infiniti QX60


The seven-seater Infiniti QX60 crossover is included into the class of family cars with high ground clearance. New technologies implemented in modern engineering were reflected in it. The full intellectual drive is an indispensable solution for American roads, ensures smooth running of the car in combination with an innovative drive system and a modernized gearbox.

If you are seriously interested in this luxury and representative class of family car, be sure to visit the website, which offers a detailed description of the necessary characteristics. Always analyze in detail every detail about the car, paying attention to the safety system. If you are ready to pay more than for previously described car models than this option is suitable for you.

In Consequence…

Choosing the right car for the family is a difficult task. In this article, we have shown you what models are the most popular for fun recreation and what characteristics they have. All analyzed car brands can fit any budget and preferences. Choose only high- quality cars that are suitable for your family and budget. The main thing is don’t forget to enjoy your trip! Whatever you will pick up it will be a great decision for your family. Hopefully, our article helped you a bit to make some decision of which car to rent for your family.

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