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What Trading Platform is Best for You and Your Company

The world revolves around trading. At least the financial one. This is the norm of operations for both individuals and companies. Trading is at the core of financial stability. This is a lesson as old as time. Today, it’s even more important to embrace it to an extent. Why? Well, the world of trading changed. It changed drastically. It all started with the inception of the internet, which was followed by various trading platforms, and all of it eventually led to the creation of assets such as cryptocurrencies.

If you’re planning on introducing trading as a form of operation for yourself and your firm, you couldn’t have chosen a better time. It is easy to see why. The internet is a well of knowledge. You only need to reach into it and learn a few valuable lessons about everything and anything. Trading is only one grain of sand in the desert called the world wide web. So, if you have plans to become a trader or to make your company an investor in the trading markets you have come to the right place. We can help you with choosing the right platform.

Have you asked yourself what trading platform is best for you and your company? If you haven’t, ask the question. Ask it right now. Don’t be afraid as there’s no reason to be. Below we’re going to hand you all the answers. It’s not going to be a hard selection as we’re only going to present you with the best options.  It is even possible that you have a hard for some of the solutions we’re providing and that needs to play a factor in your selection. Now, that we’re over with the introduction let’s see which platforms you have at your disposal.

Easy Forex

Source: cxonews.live

You probably heard about Forex trading. This is an iteration of it. Easy Forex is for everyone and anyone. This is what makes it so great.  It is a platform that is well known in the majority of circles involved with trading. It is present in more than two hundred markets, and the commissions they ask for are minimal to say at least. Once you become their user you’ll notice that they work on a no-commission model. Furthermore, what thrills most people in this domain, and the beginners the most is their stop-loss function. It is what makes it so easy to use for first-time users.

Pips and spreads are quite lower when compared to competitors, and it also ensures that every new member is well educated on the platform with various education tools which the platform made available. On the downside, it can be a little tough to handle for beginners, with some arguing that it doesn’t offer enough in the user experience in the terms of transparency. But, if you have any issue with it, or want to know more, you can do it by visiting this go url and take a look at a more in-depth review on the subject.


Source: facebook.com

If you want to have a value-driven partner Fidelity is your choice. Some would argue that in the terms of market research they lead the way. They might be onto something considering how up-to-date their mobile app is, and how well their trading tools sit with traders. At the moment, they have more than forty million users, and that speaks a story for itself. They’re no Stratton Oakmont, but you can dream. Joking aside, they offer value for money to their clients without fault.

Their goal is to offer the best possible interface for their new users through their desktop and mobile app. It’s what makes it so accessible to beginners. Ease of use, education, trading app, research, and offers in terms of investments are what should make you consider this option too for yourself and your company.

TD Ameritrade

Source: forbes.com

Another firm that has its eyes set on the new players on the market. They want to attract beginners such as yourself and they’re good at it. It’s all thanks to their mobile platform which is truly accessible to anyone, paired with amazing trading tools and analytics. While they’re good at attracting new users, don’t think that they don’t have something for experienced ones. They offer a variety of product offerings, which when paired with some of the best content in terms of education provide a little something for everybody. Their tech excels in terms of analytics, it can be paired with other platforms and software, and what’s most important they do great in terms of customer support.

On the downside, they ask for high fees in some departments, which can turn away some of the users, especially the new ones. Fractional shares are also out of the question, which paired with opting in for an automatic cash sweep doesn’t paint the best of pictures. It does offer various forms of cryptocurrency trading, but they’re not top-notch in this department.

Interactive Brokers

Source: moolahgeeks.com

This is the last one on our list, but Interactive Brokers made it for a reason. The reason is simple but quite good. They’re quite advanced when it comes to day traders. If you plan for yourself or your company to work as day traders this could be one of the best options you have available on the market. Furthermore, they excel in terms of international trading. If you plan to set sail in international waters, this could be the move for you. They cover the majority of global markets and their tools and calculators paired with their assets are ideal for oversea trades.

To do fair for all of their clients they excel in terms of education. Thanks to this, you’ll notice that they operate well both locally and in foreign markets. Even with overseas operations, and their presence there the margin interest rates with this trader are still low. But, as with any other trader, they’re not without issues. Their low fees and tiers where they belong are confusing to older trades, and they’re hell to grasp for the new ones. Also, their TWS is hard to learn for the majority of people, which aired with no options for custom trading and automated trading puts Interactive Brokers in a bit of a pinch.

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