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10 Money Saving Tips for Buying Pet Supplies Online

If you’re like most animal owners, you love your pet and want them to live long, happy and healthy lives. You try to give them the most refined foods, stimulating toys, and, most importantly, plenty of affection. However, you could be surprised by how costly having house animals is. According to the American Pet Products Association (APPA), Americans spend more than $1000 on pet products yearly.

Dog owners are devoted to care, but the price of food, waste bags, treats, toys, and all other things can cost a lot. The facts prove that The U.S. animal taming industry will grow to $109.6 billion at the end of the year. Pet owners contribute around $1,380 per year, even without considering the cost of vet care.

According to BWPSales, pet lovers on a tight budget can shop online from discount stores in Iowa for their furry, feathered, or scaled friend without breaking the bank. You can save money by becoming an intelligent petting supplies shopper. For this purpose, here are some suggestions you can implement today:

Source: dailymail.co.uk

1. Shop In Bulk

If you can, get the larger bag of food instead of refilling the smaller one each month. You’ll save money in the long run and will not have to go to the petting supply store each time to replenish. It is ideal when you own more than one pet because you will consume plenty of food items which means you’ll be protected for a long time if you purchase large bags or even two.

2. Get Subscription Services

Many websites offer discounts if you purchase specific items automatically shipped by subscriptions. It is an excellent option for food or treats and waste bags, so you won’t need to think about buying the same items at the grocery store. You can change the frequency of your purchases or even cancel them entirely without cost.

3. Shop Smart For Clothes, Accessories, And Toys

There’s no reason not to buy fun toys and clothing. But if you’re on the tight end of a budget, you must be careful with the items you purchase. Therefore, you should shop outside of the season for your pets and save up to 70 percent. For example, you could buy cute winter dog coats in summer, summer kitty shirts in autumn, bird harnesses during winter, etc.

Source: natural-treats.co.uk

4. Enjoy Great Savings By Using Coupons And Discount Coupons

Coupons and discount coupons are great ways to get a discount on animal care products. From pet food to toy brushing to shampoos for your pets and everything else, it is possible to locate deals and coupons on just about everything you provide your furry friend.

What is a discount coupon? Discount codes work much the same method as coupons. But, a discount coupon is a unique code you can use to add to your purchase when you make online purchases.

You can get discounts ranging from five percent to 50 percent off your petting products using coupons or promo codes. Other notable deals you can avail of include free shipping, gift cards, and other exciting offers.

5. You Can Spend Time Researching

What do you think are your pet’s items as a pet owner? You could answer ” food, toys, blankets, and treats.” However, should your monthly and budget shopping lists contain insurance, sitting classes, training, socialization, and kennels? Grooming cosmetics, clothes, and other items? These additional expenses don’t come cheap.

The next suggestion to pet owners about the cost of products is to conduct your research before spending your hard-earned dollars. With so many businesses offering various items, services, and products that claim to be essential for their well-being and happiness, it is easy to be enticed into spending more than you need on items that are not essential.

6. Save On Grooming

Look for deals on grooming on discount platforms. It’s worth seeking discounts when paying in cash or the possibility of a volume discount when you book several services at once. Also, reach out to local rescue and shelters to learn about the groomers they depend on. Often, people work on staff or volunteers groom dogs, so this is an untapped source. It’s also great for locating an animal sitter or walker.

Source: petassure.com

7. Save Money Online With Browser Extensions

Browser extensions are helpful because they tell you whether you can receive cash back or save money when you shop on the internet. Extensions inform you when you’ll receive cash back for purchases like dog food or petting accessories.

Many shopping browser extensions also notify you when you’ll obtain a better deal from other websites. The extensions can also apply coupons that can help you save money. Some browser extensions work by using promo codes to reduce the cost of your dog’s haul (and any other hauls in general).

8. Use Apps To Get Cash Back

Cashback apps can pay you money whenever you buy something. Consider apps that allow you to earn cashback on petting purchases or food items which you could redeem to purchase a gift card when you’ve reached a certain level.

What rewards apps do each time the receipt is uploaded from one of their partners’ stores, you’ll be able to get money into your account. You can then cash the money to purchase gift cards, which means you’ll be able to save money every time you buy supplies.

9. Split The Cost With A Partner

If you have someone in your family who is also an animal lover and buys the same food for their pets, you can share the costs with them, purchase the food in bulk, and share it later. It will allow you to buy food in a lower quantity, but it will also mean you have less food in the freezer since you’ll only need half of the food you need to think about.

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10. Consider The Medical Insurance

The cost of veterinarians is high, and unfortunately, medical emergencies can occur anytime. So, if you don’t have enough money saved enough to cover a petting emergency, you need to buy emergency coverage for pets. For a minimal monthly cost, you’ll be able to pay for all types of troubles for your pet.

After you’ve met your annual deductible, most petting insurance providers will cover 80 percent or more, which is an incredible saving. Also, it is recommended to put aside money to fund a separate petting savings plan that will serve as a friend when you need it.


Pet ownership is a joy. But, it can be costly. The positive thing is you can reduce the cost of pets’ food, supplies, and other accessories. All you have to do is prepare to receive regular vet treatment for your pet, buy online, compare, shop, buy things in bulk, and during the off-season, make use of manufacturer and store coupons, and use the medical insurance. If you do this, you’ll save more cash! All the above mentioned steps work perfectly to make more savings on online petting supplies shopping.

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