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How Do You Quote A Video Game Character In MLA Format? 

In your research papers or any project, adding references and citations is relatively common. Sometimes you may need to add video games citations in your articles. However, there is no separate format for citing video games in any of the primary citation techniques.

Just like adding other references, you need to add the same data for citing video games. Are you interested in learning more about how you can quote a video game character in the MLA format? In that case, make sure to check out this post for detailed information.

What To Know About Quoting Video Game Character In MLA Format

When creating your submission, adhere to the MLA format style guide to cite characters in video games. Give any pertinent details about the game that is available from the version you are seeing. The game’s version and the platform it is played on are also very important. Utilize the game’s numbering scheme in your in-text reference if you are required to direct readers to certain sections of the game.

In order to add the reference of the dialogue of a gaming character, either write down what you listen to or reproduce the passage from the text section where it is displayed. After that, hold the passage in double quotations. It can be useful to offer a broad idea of where the speech emerges if there are no marks showing where it appears in the video.

If you mention the title of the gaming character in the sentence and if there is absence of page numbers or additional departments to give, it is no longer necessary to incorporate parentheses. If you don’t mention the names of the video games directly in the phrase, mention them in parentheses.

If the material is autonomous and self-contained, italicize the names. Italics are used for book, movie, magazine, database, and website titles. If a source is a component of a bigger piece, it is essential to enclose its name in quotation marks. The quotation marks are used around essays, writings, poetry, music, and lessons.

Source: howtowrite.customwritings.com

Citing Various Contributors

Generally, the characters, designers, programmers, producers, and other individuals frequently contribute to video games. MLA is adaptable about which individuals you can name in your citations and the location to add them. The choice is yours, and it will be based on the topic of your reference.

If you want to highlight a specific individual’s contribution, it is better to include them in the author’s role and describe their function after their character. Apart from the person holding the author role, it is also possible to add as many as contributors after the title of the games. However, you have to keep in mind that in-text reference just includes the name of the author contributor.

What Are The Elements Needed To Cite A Video Game In MLA Format

In order to cite video games in the MLA reference entry version, make sure to add the below-mentioned aspects.

  • Name of the game’s rights-holder:

It is essential to provide this information. If there are none, leave this out and begin with the title.

  • Title of the games:

The game’s title is italicized when it stands alone. If needed, put quotation marks if it is a part of a bigger source. In addition, make sure not to italicize.

  • Description of the edition:

Deliver the game’s edition number and the platform(s) on which it is accessible.

Source: linkedin.com

• Publisher:

If there is any, it is better to state the name of the firm that created the gaming app.

  • Published year:

State the publication year exactly as it appears in the source.

If you would like to know more details about citing a video game in MLA format along with samples and fundamental principles, make sure to check out wr1ter.com.

In short, the basic format for MLA-cited works is as follows:

  • Title of the game.
  • The version of the game
  • Platform (on which the game is present)
  • Year (during which the game is launched)
  • Extra data, if needed.

Step-by-step Guide To Quoting Video Game In MLA Format

Here we have curated the best step-by-step instructions that can help you cite any video game of your choice in the MLA format.

  • Step 1:

Begin the works cited entry with the name of the gaming title. As it is displayed on the title screen, add the game’s title in italics. Without writing out the name for the number, it is essential to utilize numerals wherever required. Put a period after the game’s name.

Source: cnn.com

Example: Super Mario Bros.

  • Step 2:

Add the platform and edition of the gaming app. The specific edition and the platform you played it on are often the most crucial pieces of information when adding video games as citations. Despite the fact that they would have to play the game themselves to obtain the information you are discussing, this enables the readers to access the same game that you did. Include the release year for the gaming app. In addition, make sure to utilize commas to divide the edition, platform, and year. An apostrophe should follow the year.

Example: Super Mario Bros, Nintendo, 1985.

  • Step 3:

If you have any extra details, state them. Include any information pertinent to the grounds for your citation at the bottom of your work. Architects, voice artists, and other game production staff may fall under this category. For instance, if you talked about the game’s score in your essay, it is better to include the following in your works cited entry.

Source: mario.fandom.com

Example: Super Mario Bros, Nintendo, 1985, Koji Kondo, composer.

  • Step 4:

To direct readers to precise game sections, utilize in-text citations. When talking about the topic of a video game in your work, in-text parenthetical citations are typically not necessary. There might be no pages or timestamps you can reference because your viewers already know about the game you’re discussing. However, if you want to direct readers to a specific level of the gaming section, you can do so by using in-text citations.

Bottom Line

The method to cite video games is not much different from adding normal references to your documents. You can simply apply the same technique and add the needed citations in the MLA format. For that, make sure to follow the above-listed steps to add them quickly and easily.

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