Do’s And Don’ts After LASIK Eye Surgery

The LASIK surgery process is common to eliminate common eye issues. People opt for this surgery and seek this as a permanent solution to glasses. The process can allow people to wear their favorite glasses and see the world from their original frame, that is, their eyes.

LASIK surgery is a permanent solution for vision correction. However, there are some things you should do and some things you should avoid before and after the process. It is important to follow this routine to witness the results you seek from the process.

Let’s discuss them.

What To Do

Once the surgery is completed, the doctor will make you sit in a dark room for some time. It would be best if you did the same at your home. The basic idea behind this is that your eyes have undergone some changes, and it takes time for them to be well-versed with the light and color variations in the surroundings and adjust to the same. It would help if you tried to get sleep a minimum of 3 hours after the surgery in a dark room.

Apart from this basic step, there are other things that you should do for the benefit of your vision mentioned as follows:


• Proper Care

You should check the prescription by the doctor. The prescription should include the eye drops you should put in your eyes. The eye drops help prevent issues in the eyes like inflammation and reduce the risk of an eye-catching infection. The eye drops work as artificial tears that help them to heal.

Also, artificial tears help remove the excess dirt or dust particles in the eye. The eye drops act as a moisturizer for the eyes. You can skip this process in the normal routine but try to be regular with eye drops after you get the LASIK eye surgery done because it makes the eyes dry during the treatment.

It would help if you kept your eyes shut for 5 minutes after putting the drops. The eye ointment should follow the process if the doctor has prescribed it for you. You should clean the eyelids when you are done with all these things.

But, all this comes down to one thing. Your eye doctor should be experienced with the treatment and recommend eye care to you based on the condition of your eyes. If you are planning to get the surgery done, you should contact a reliable professional. If your search is on, you can find here a trustworthy Lasik surgeon Austin.

  • Blinking And Cleaning

Blinking is a natural phenomenon, but after getting the surgery, you should try and do it often. It will release the discomfort from them and keep the moisture levels intact. You should not skip your face cleaning routine; instead, you should do it with your eyes shut. You should avoid doing your hand movements near the eyes.


• Say Yes To Protective Shields

You should have the protective glasses day and night for atleast one week after the surgery. Doctors recommend not removing them even when you are sleeping. The wear acts as a shield that will protect them and give them time to adjust to the new changes introduced after the treatment. The shield will also prevent you from touching or rubbing them, a common act people tend to do, especially when sleeping.

Steps To Take During The Recovery Process

All people undergoing the process have different vision conditions. Hence, the recovery for each patient will be different. The only thread that draws them together is that the healing process should be comfortable and quick.

Many patients feel like going back to their routine after the treatment. However, this is the first thing that should be avoided in recovery. Your doctor should be in the loop whenever you plan to do routine activities like visiting your office, driving, walking, running, jogging, or the gym. They are in a better place to suggest whether you should be doing these things immediately after the process or anytime later.

If they don’t recommend you to do something, you should understand that it might impact your eyes. Hence, it would help if you skipped doing it.

What Not To Do

However, there are some things that you need to avoid after the surgical process has concluded. They are discussed as follows:


• No Makeup

The makeup enhances your facial look, but if you are going for a LASIK treatment, you should skip the makeup. You should avoid using anything cosmetic on the treated area for a month. Also, after 30 days, you should not go for full-fledged makeup. Instead, take one step at a time. Also, it would be best if you were gentle while removing the makeup from your the treated area at the end of the day. You can go in a downward motion. After a month and 2-3 weeks, consider going for proper makeup.

  • No Swimming

If you do swimming in your routine, you should avoid doing it for 2-3 weeks. The water in the pool has chlorine and bacteria, which might not be good for their health after the process.

  • Process Of Washing And Cleaning Them Post Surgery

When you are home after the process, you should limit your screen time on the phone and laptop. The limits should go on for a minimum of 3 days. If you can avoid it totally, it would be great for the health of the treated area. It would be best if you tried and did not get them in contact with water for 15 days. It would help if you only used tear drops for cleaning purposes.

Tap water is something that you should avoid. It is because the water is not sterile. Also, it would be best if you did not rub them or remove the gear that the doctor has prescribed. If your hands are dirty, you should avoid bringing them in contact with the treated area.



If you consider the points recommended by your doctor and take care of your things, there is a high chance that the recovery process will be easy. Also, it would help if you were extra careful as this time will determine the condition of your vision in the future.

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