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Choosing Bulk Hydrangea Flowers for Your Wedding

Hydrangea is a well-known plant that many of us encountered more than once. Its lovely inflorescences seem so light and airy that from a distance, it resembles small lush flower clouds. Florists often use wholesale hydrangeas both in the bride’s bouquet and in the decor of the space. Hydrangea is a self-sufficient flower. In the design, not only decorators turn to it, who love it for its unique property to fill the volume of the composition with one inflorescence, but also brides — as a symbol of tenderness, purity, modesty, and sincerity.

Hydrangeas in bulk are your best choice

A hydrangea wedding bouquet is a great option for celebration. Lush inflorescences, like clouds, symbolize innocence and loyalty to a single person. With a delicate smell and airy, corrugated inflorescences, thanks to various shades of white, pastel, blue, pink, and purple, hydrangea are very popular in wedding bouquets.

Bulk hydrangeas feel great in mono-bouquets and mono-compositions and are decorated with simple elements: fresh green foliage, garden plants, etc. So, hydrangea becomes the main focus of the floral decor concept. When composing a mono-bouquet, even one “cap” of hydrangea is often enough since the diameter of the flower easily gives the necessary volume and depth to the composition.

Source: laurelsilkflorist.com

The color combination of hydrangea in bouquets

Hydrangeas are good because the color variety of these flowers can be matched to any style of wedding.

  • Shades of blue. A bridal bouquet with blue hydrangea will suit passionate natures. Brunette brides go for blue flowers. They will emphasize brightness, courage, and temperament. Good combinations of blue hydrangea in the base with the addition of snow-white callas. Against the background of a hat of lilac-blue lace flowers, white callas look even more elegant. After all, the overflows of the blue flower are unusual in themselves, and in the bouquet, they make the shade the first violin. If desired, you can decorate the wedding table and the hall with blue hydrangea bouquets.
  • The tenderness of white. A wedding bouquet of white bulk hydrangea flowers will suit gentle romantic blonde brides. It is recommended to decorate white hydrangeas with rhinestones and satin ribbons for a wedding. A hat of white inflorescences will be in harmony with the dress and will give the image lightness. Boiling white inflorescences or with a greenish tint will set off the outfit and give the image airiness. To add colorful notes, add soft pink roses, bluish clematis, or vanilla alstroemerias to white hydrangeas.
  • Heavenly shades. Lilac and blue bouquets are good for optimistic girls who love life. The dreaminess, trepidation, and romanticism of the bridegroom will be emphasized by the bride’s bouquet with blue hydrangea. Shades that smoothly transition from sky blue to lilac fascinate the eye, and the grace of the flower symbolizes youth and purity. When combined with hyacinths and irises, the bouquet will sparkle with all shades with hints of mother-of-pearl and will become the main nuance in the bride’s outfit.
Source: shopee.sg

Unsurpassed compositions for hydrangea bouquets

These flowers look stunning when used in single-flower arrangements along with freesia, orchid, calla, iris, peonies, lilies, and roses. A professional florist makes a particular and unforgettable accessory for the bride via the arrangement of flowers and décor. You may put together a bouquet of flowers in a similar hue or, on the other hand, make a contrast.

The traditional option is a white hydrangea for flower arrangement. It is always stylish, elegant, and sophisticated. In addition, snow-white will fit into any color scheme of the wedding. If a single flower arrangement seems boring to you, the good news is for you: the hydrangea goes well with other plants and inflorescences.

  • Combination with freesia. Freesia is a beautiful flower with rich colors. The plant has several inflorescences on its stem. Moreover, the lower ones can already bloom completely, and the upper ones can stay in tender buds. A spicate freesia flower with many inflorescences and carved petals and a spherical hydrangea will create a composition of a special shape. Unopened buds and carved petals will perfectly dilute the lush rounded hydrangea. So, the bouquet will turn out incredibly harmonious.
  • Combination with orchid. Proud and quivering orchids with curving petals in the form of butterfly wings, surrounded by caps of hydrangea inflorescences are a rich version of the bouquet. As if fantastic butterflies accompany the girl to the crown, this is how orchid petals look in bouquets. Carved delicate hydrangeas serve as a background. A wedding bouquet of hydrangeas and orchids is insanely good with contrasting shades. Such a composition will add elegance and charm to the image and set off the outfit.
Source: thursd.com

How to keep a bouquet of hydrangeas throughout your wedding day

It is important for the bride that her accessory looks presentable until the end of the day and does not lose its attractiveness. Here are some tips on how to achieve this:

  • Make an order in advance but negotiate to create a composition directly on the wedding day.
  • Do not once again put the bouquet with inflorescences on the surface so as not to spoil the petals.
  • At the celebration, have a vase with water or a damp cloth to periodically reanimate the plants.
  • After the end of the holiday, also leave the bouquet in the water, so it will delight you for some more time.

As you can see, a hydrangea wedding bouquet is quite versatile, so it’s easy to find the perfect option for any style of wedding.

Source; pinterest.com

Where to buy wholesale hydrangeas for a wedding?

With a huge range of hydrangea bouquets at FiftyFlowers, you can choose a bouquet for every taste and occasion or create your own! On the website of the online flower shop, you can view the online catalog of hydrangea bouquets and choose the most suitable option for you. You will find wedding bouquets of hydrangeas, bouquets for birthdays, celebrations, or any other occasion, made by our professional florists. Our advantages:

  • Attention and individual approach to each client;
  • Efficient round-the-clock work;
  • Possibility to order a bouquet of hydrangeas at any time;
  • Reasonable prices for goods and services because we cooperate directly with flower suppliers;
  • Always fresh and healthy plants.
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