Afterpay Wigs: Pros and Cons

With the wide range of comfort and diverse benefits that accompany wigs, it’s no surprise that people prefer getting more than one wig. However, it’s not always easy to pay for multiple wigs at once without breaking the bank. Fortunately, afterpay wigs have come to the rescue. However, they also come with a few downsides.

This article examines the pros and cons of afterpay wigs to help you make the best decision when getting your wigs. Enjoy!


The Pros of Afterpay Wigs

Afterpay wigs are wigs gotten through the afterpay service, which provide many benefits to its users. These include:

1. It allows for easy and immediate use

The afterpay service is easy to use, as customers can set up their afterpay account and use almost immediately. This is much more convenient because it allows you to avoid the lengthy application processes that come with taking out a loan or credit card. To open an afterpay account, you only need your phone number, email address, payment method and account details to get set.

Beyond this, afterpay ensures easy usability in that you don’t have to keep track of complex payment plans. Once you set up your account, you can simply decided to pay with afterpay and they’ll sort out your payment plan for you. In addition, all the payment details will be sent to your email inbox so you’ll be duly informed of the entire process.


2. It is affordable

With the vast majority of wigs in existence, it’s hard to stop at one because each wig serves a different purpose. In addition, you’d also want to switch up your look from time to time. However, quality wigs are expensive and it might be difficult to get more than one wig at once. But with afterpay wigs, you no longer have to worry about that. You can pay for your wigs in four equal instalments in the space of four weeks without interest.

3. It gives you choices to pick from

Afterpay allows you to try out different wigs and styles before making your final decision. So, you can different types of wigs like lace frontal, headband wigs and thin part wigs. The best part about this is that you’re not committed to any particular wig until you’ve paid in full. The only thing you need to focus on is keeping up with the payments.


4. Its operations are not virtually-restricted

When COVID-19 came, many people had to focus their services online. But online operations might not always be the preferred choice, especially when purchasing wigs. Fortunately, afterpay is available in-store at various outlets, if you wish to buy and compare wigs in person. To do this, you’ll have to download the afterpay app, set up a card and load it into your digital wallet. You can use the Card tab to discover wig shops that accept the Afterpay payment method. So, whenever you’re ready to purchase a wig, select the Afterpay card in your digital wallet and tap to pay with Apple pay or Google Pay.

The Cons of Afterpay Wigs

There’s no doubt that afterpay wigs provide many benefits for its users. However, there are a few disadvantages you might want to bear in mind when getting afterpay wigs. These include:


1. It can lead to impulse spending

While interest-free payment plans are wonderful, they can also encourage poor spending habits because there are little to no hindrances. This could lead you to spend more than you would normally spend in four weeks. In the end, you’re left with an item that you can’t realistically afford.

2. It imposes a spending limit on some shoppers

Even though afterpay is known for its ability to allow you buy multiple wigs at once, this might not apply in every case. Afterpay has an automated system that determines your spending limit, which is based on different factors. If you’ve used Afterpay for a while and have a good track record of making due payments, you’re more likely to have a higher spending limit than new customers. On the bright side, if your spending limit is restricted, you get a chance to save more.


3. It attracts late payment fees

The money you don’t spend on interest might be later spent on late payment fees. This fees could develop if you fail to make your fortnightly payment instalments. In the end, these fees could accumulate, causing you to spend much more than you initially intended.


Afterpay wigs have made getting wigs even easier, as you can now get multiple wigs without worrying about your account balance. In addition, it gives you multiple wig choices to pick from and the service is available in-store at various outlets. Despite these benefits, afterpay wigs have been known to encourage impulse spending and also attract late payment fees. With an understanding of both sides, you can now navigate the service better.

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