4 Worthy Uses Of Utility Trailers

Utility trailers are just that – trailers that have many uses! It is worth your time discovering how they can help you. These versatile contraptions can be used during almost any transportation task.

By definition, utility trailers are non-motorized vehicles that attach to motorised vehicles, thereby being pulled along its journey. Even with simple car trailer hire you can haul almost any load you wish for any distance.

This article will highlight why utility trailers are worthy assets to have.

Trailers are Versatile and Sturdy

Utility trailers can be enclosed or open and they’re not limited in design. Today’s market have all shapes and forms to match your desired workload.

They can also be styled according to your preferences to best suit your towing vehicle. These vehicles are robust, and a well-maintained one can last for up to 20 years, saving you years of troubles and maintenance.

Trailers are so much less complex than normal vehicles, especially because they have no engines. Simple checks you can do to increase its longevity include:

  • Monitor tyre pressure and tread wear and tear
  • The functioning of its signal lights and electronic systems
  • Functionality of its braking systems
  • Suspension check-ups
  • Frame inspections for possible cracks and rust
  • Check-ups on its wheel bearings and whether they’re always well-lubricated

Utility Trailer Uses

As already mentioned, these vehicles have many uses. Which of these are you in need of?

Towing and Transportation Duties


You never know when you can run into an unexpected car breakdown – vehicles can be unpredictable at the worst of times! Conveniently, a trailer can help soften the blow by rescuing your car from the side of the street.

Tow trucks can be expensive, especially if they’re required to drive long distances. Trailers are worth the money, time and effort when hauling light vehicles yourself.

Additionally, if you enjoy your fishing or going out to sea you would need a trailer to tow your boat to the water. Your boat is completely dependent on it, so if you enjoy water hobbies in your off-time, a utility trailer you can buy or hire is a good resource to have.

Moreover, trailers are the best to use when transporting motorbikes, bicycles and four-wheelers, especially because of their attached ramps. If your hobbies are practices on land, there’s no better way to transport these recreational vehicles than with a trailer.

Agricultural Use


If you live in a rural area or on a farm in Australia, consider a trailer to transport all your outdoor equipment. Using a utility trailer can easily help you drive mowing or irrigation equipment from one piece of land to another.

Trailers are much more practical in this aspect than a pickup truck because you won’t need to hire a ramp and you won’t need additional manpower for lifting.

In addition, if you’re working with livestock, you can use an enclosed utility trailer to move farm animals from one area to another.



It is always easy and convenient to transport furniture of many sizes and weights on utility trailers. You can simply use furniture dollies to roll your items up onto the trailer, before tying them down using the trailer’s cross and sidebars.

If tying down heavy and awkward items isn’t your specialty, simple cage trailer hire can be sufficient. Cage trailers act as baskets on wheels, so you can place large volumes of heavy or loose items inside and easily secure them for transport. The design of the trailer makes it easy to ensure the safety of the content.

You can also use trailers to securely haul more fragile – and often more expensive – items such as appliances, because of its robust and stable enclosure.

Building Purposes


For the construction industry, role players need the right tools and vehicles to meet building requirements. Utility trailers are rather useful in transporting building supplies in busy cities, because they’re roadworthy and sizeable enough to be efficient.

If you’re a handy person and you want to do some renovation work on your residential property, you can also save a lot on costs by using a utility trailer. This will allow you to pick up and transport your own building supplies, rather than paying extra fees for deliveries.


Ultimately, trailers are very flexible resources and they can be used for a vast array of transportation and moving tasks. All you have to do is maintain it well enough so that it can cope with all your tasks you plan. Or, use a hiring company that can do the maintenance on your behalf!

Utility trailers are able to perform the ‘ugly’ jobs that you don’t want to do – such as moving and carrying trash – which makes them your saving grace in many situations. They are easily accessible for hiring and they are simple to look after, so there’s no excuse to not make your life a little easier from now on.

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