3 Reasons Why Your Kids Will Love 9D Cinema

Cinema is an advanced form of storytelling. When you introduce your kids to the cinema, they will get hooked on the whole experience of seeing people move and talk on the screen, simultaneously telling a compelling story.

As technologies as evolved, cinema makers are going the extra mile to think for the kids and what they will enjoy. The journey has been a long one from black and white cinema to 9D cinemas.

With time the 9D multidimensional has made cinema an experience never to forget. The 9d virtual reality simulator is partnering with the cinema halls to render luxury seats, astounding sounds, and the feel of rain, fog, chill, and whatnot!

To be the best parent in the world, introduce to your kids 9D cinema experience that they will love.

Reasons Why Your Kids Will Love 9D Cinema

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If you have your kid’s birthday party or some occasion near the corner, it will be the best experience you can have with your kids and family. Here are the reasons why they will love a 9D cinema. Find out why you should take your kids to a 9D cinema and why 9D theatres are so unique.

1. Bang-On Entertainment

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The 9D cinemas are specially made for kids to see, sense, and feel the cinema. Not only your kids but you will have one fun ride watching and experiencing it.

These cinemas are made to ensure that you receive sensory satisfaction. Imagine you are watching a movie where the characters are riding a roller coaster, and you will feel the same motion and excitement one does when they are on a roller coaster ride.

There will be water splashed on your face, and you will be wandering in the fog. It is one of a kind experience altogether.

2. Feel The Movie

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You have already watched a 3D movie; you know how special it feels. In a 9D, you will be getting 3 times the 3D experience. You will be walking beside the character and feeling every stimulation the character feels—a lot like being inside the screen and sharing the screen with characters in the movies. You will be moved, shaken, poked, and experience rotation sitting in the theatre seat.

3. Sound That Will Carry You Away

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When you visit a 9D hall, you will not hear the average sound you hear at your regular theatre. The sound that you will be hearing is surround sound. There is more depth and density in these sound systems.

So if someone is whispering in the left ear of the main character, you will hear a whisper in your left ear itself, and so on goes the surprises while watching a movie in 9D.


Summing up, if you want your kids to have great fun, taking them to 9D cinemas will be the best experience you can have spending time with your family. The 9D cinema experience is just a part of virtual reality. There is much more to this sector, and it is the future. Soon enough, there is a little difference between reel and real. So embrace yourself to see the future of cinema.

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