How to Stop an Asthma Attack Before It Starts – 2024 Guide

Asthma is a condition that follows the one who has it for the rest of their life. In most cases, it is not a serious condition and it can be put under control pretty easily. So, if you follow the doctor’s orders, you will be able to live with it quite comfortably, without too many disturbances in the meantime. Still, there are moments when it can spin out of control.

If you take a look at the official reports for the United Kingdom, you will see that asthma is the primary reason for the death of three individuals every day. The main reason for the fatal outcome is individuals not paying attention to the doctor’s orders. Thankfully, many medications can help maintain control over the condition, like generic Advair price.

At the same time, experiencing asthma attacks is something many people experience frequently. Knowing how to act in these moments is an absolute must, and for you to do so, you should pay attention to certain tips. Today, we want to talk about the ways you can put a stop to an asthma attack before it starts.

What is an Asthma Attack?

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Before you can understand how to control an asthma attack, you should understand what an asthma attack is. If you know that this is a condition, which is a chronic disease that affects the lungs of an individual. When the attack happens, the airways suddenly become narrower, which causes breathing to become significantly more difficult.

Of course, you should understand the level of severity of the attack can differ in certain situations. For those who have the advanced, therefore more severe condition, the attacks they experience will be much more problematic and tougher to handle. Certain levels of attacks need medical attention to put the attack under control.

As you know, the easiest way to handle an asthma attack is to use an inhaler, which provides an additional layer of protection against the attack. The inhaler has the medication that will help with expanding the airways and make an individual much more comfortable. For that reason, you need to keep one of these with you.

Control Without the Inhaler

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One of the commonest advice you will get from the doctor is that you shouldn’t leave your home without the inhaler, even if your condition has improved recently. Remember, this is a condition that can surprise the patient and take him off-guard. So, you will need to have one of these always with you, no matter how good you feel.

On the other side, it is important to point out that there are moments when people don’t have their inhalers with them, don’t you agree? Even when that happens, there are things you can do to put the situation under control. If this is the case, you should use a couple of techniques that can help you with coping with the situation.

The first thing you should do is to sit upright because bending or lying down can have a negative influence on your airways. When you do that, you need to take long, deep breaths until you calm down. Finally, you should avoid all the things that trigger the attack, which are often caused by cigarettes, dust, and even smoke caused by chemicals.

The main thing to do is to remain calm during this experience. Panicking will not help you at all, quite the contrary. You will not be able to think straight, and your chances of being able to handle the situation will plummet. Also, make sure to follow the doctor’s instructions, since they understand your case the best, and know how to handle it in your time of need.

Breathing Exercises

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For you to be able to control the symptoms during the attack, you should practice some breathing exercises. Of course, this takes a certain amount of time, and you will need to think carefully about how to handle these things. Thankfully, there are many breathing exercises you can find online, which will help you with it.

The benefits of practicing breathing exercises are numerous. We are talking about them having positive effects on lung function, hyperventilation symptoms, and the overall quality of your breathing. Breathing is crucial for having a healthy life, but we can see that it is often overlooked by people who don’t pay attention to it.

You should understand that there are several exercises you should choose from. The first one is pursued lip breathing, which consists of breathing in and then putting the lips in the pursed position, and then exhaling. It is just one of many to choose from, but you will see that it is the most widespread one out there.

Call 911

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The last thing we want to talk about calling 911 in situations when you cannot establish control over the asthma attack. Of course, there are moments when you experience an attack, and when you will not be able to do that yourself. So, it would be good to have someone beside you to help you with making the call.

Thankfully, you will be able to comprehend when this severe attack might happen. The clear sign this will happen at one point is when your symptoms continue to get even worse after the treatment. While treatments are useful, there are cases when they cannot provide too much help, so the situation can become even worse.

It all depends on the particular case, it is not a rule by any means. An obvious sign you are about to experience a severe attack is when you are not able to speak except in phrases and short words. In some cases, your face or even your lips can turn blue, even when you are not coughing.


As you can see, asthma is a condition that can take you by surprise. Therefore, it is essential that you are prepared for any scenario that might occur. Here, you can take a look at a couple of things that can help you with having a proper control over the situation, even stop the asthma attack before it occurs.

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