Why You Need a Reproductive Lawyer?

Lawyers work in every industry ‒ they work with taxes, real estate, insurance, and more. Surrogacy lawyers are very special kinds of attorneys who know everything about reproductive rights and laws all over the world.

With a help of a reproductive lawyer, you can expect a safe and legal surrogacy process from A to Z: from choosing a country and helping with the contract to establishing the parental rights for you.

Let’s see what can a reproductive lawyer do for you.

Find the right country or state for legal surrogacy

Not every US state allows surrogacy and other methods of artificial reproduction. In fact, some countries outlaw these. This is why knowing the legal aspects while choosing a country for your surrogate baby to be born in is essential. A good reproductive lawyer that specializes in international reproductive laws can help you choose the best country and a trusted fertility clinic where you will less likely to have any legal difficulties.

Also, you need this kind of specialist to explain the nuances of these laws and regulations ‒ what to know, what to avoid, and what to be prepared for. The surrogacy process starts way before you sign a contract in the clinic and ends long after the baby is born.

Protect your reproductive and parental rights

In most cases, the biological parent is the first one to have parental rights over the newborn, while the non-biological parent has to wait for the adoption process. A reproductive lawyer makes sure the rights of both intended parents are equal, and that their right to be parents is protected by the law. Also, this kind of specialist makes sure that the surrogate mother is legally protected as well all along the process.

Background checks, contract revision, 24/7 support during the surrogate pregnancy and after the delivery ‒ all of that is required in order to become parents in a completely legal and non-complicated way.


Protect your contract

Contracts can get tricky ‒ law language is not that comprehensive if you don’t have someone who will explain everything word by word and interpret the terminology.

As we already stated, a reproductive lawyer is also there for you to help you create and sign the contract that will protect your parental rights after the baby is delivered. With that in mind, you are probably going to need a few contract revisions to make sure everything is done with your interests in mind.

And last, but truly not least, a lot of reproductive lawyers have a vast experience in this field. It can be a personal experience of going through the artificial reproduction process or the history of successful cases they solved within this area. Either way, a reproductive attorney provides you with that much-needed support, especially if the fertility clinic of choice is located in another country. You can be sure that your surrogacy journey goes smoothly, and if you get any questions along the way, you will have someone to ask them to.


The HermanFamily consulting & law agency employs experienced reproductive attorneys that specialize in international reproductive laws. The agency is located in Ukraine but helps couples worldwide to create a happy family.

Contact them via email at [email protected], call +38 097 25 26 980, or visit the office in Lviv, Ukraine ‒ the address is K. Levytskoho str, 55a.

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