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Frequently Asked Questions About Crypto Poker

Crypto poker,also known as blockchain poker, is a game of poker that’s played online on a site which only accepts deposits and withdrawals through cryptocurrency. The gameplay and rules are all pretty much the same, the only thing that is affected are all the systems that surround the game itself, meaning that the improvements are done to the more tedious parts of the whole thing. Blockchain technology allows for a provably fair and secure gaming experience, as well as faster withdrawals, no fees, and improved anonymity.

Is crypto poker different from regular online poker?

Yes, crypto poker is different from regular online poker in several ways. Crypto sites use modern blockchain poker technology for transparent operations and improved security. Additionally, the fees are much lower, and the withdrawals are much faster. Crypto sites also offer a more anonymous gaming experience, allowing players to remain pseudonymous throughout their entire session.

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What cryptocurrencies can be used for crypto poker?

It varies greatly from site to site, but most of them accept the big cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, and then some accept other less-known ones. It’s worth figuring out which site you’ll use before purchasing cryptocurrencies for that purpose just so you know which ones you can actually use.

How do I get started with crypto poker?

To get started with crypto poker, you will need to have a cryptocurrency wallet and some cryptocurrency to deposit. You can obtain crypto from an exchange or buy it from someone. Once you have all that you can find a crypto poker site that accepts your desired cryptocurrency and create an account. Then you’re all set and can play.

Is crypto poker legal?

This varies greatly from country to country and even state to state in the United States. In most places online poker is regulated quite a bit less than the version in casinos, and crypto poker is regulated even less than that due to the lack of regulations for crypto in many countries. Make sure to check your local laws before playing.

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Are there any fees associated with crypto poker?

Most sites do not charge any withdrawal or deposit fees, as they are trying to remain competitive in the market. However, some sites may charge a very small fee on deposits, so it’s worth double-checking before you make one. Also, when making deposits and withdrawals, you have to consider the fees associated with cryptocurrency transactions.

Do crypto poker sites offer bonuses?

Yes, many crypto sites do offer bonuses such as welcome bonuses, deposit bonuses, and loyalty rewards. These can be given in either cash or in cryptocurrencies. Make sure to read through each site’s bonus policies before signing up!

Are there any tournaments on crypto poker sites?

Yes, many crypto sites offer regular tournaments with a variety of buy-ins, including free-rolls. These can be great for players who want to practice their skills and play against others without having to risk too much money. Make sure to check out the tournament schedules for each site to find the ones that you’re interested in.

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Is crypto poker safe?

Generally, most crypto poker sites have pretty similar safety as their traditional counterparts, of course using secure servers and encryption. Some sites of course have slightly better security than others so it’s worth doing your research on that topic to make sure. Of course, you should also do your part and make a secure password and use two factor authentication if they offer it.

What are the advantages of playing crypto poker?

There are several advantages to playing crypto poker, including:

  • Faster transaction times: Cryptocurrency transactions are generally faster than traditional online payment methods. This means you can deposit and withdraw funds from your crypto poker account more quickly.
  • Lower fees: Cryptocurrency transactions often have lower fees compared to traditional online payment methods. This means you can save money on fees when playing crypto poker.
  • Anonymity: Cryptocurrency transactions offer a level of anonymity, as they do not require personal information to be attached to the transaction. This can be appealing to some players who value their privacy.
  • Accessibility: Many online poker sites are restricted in certain countries due to local laws and regulations. Crypto poker sites, on the other hand, can be accessed from anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection and a cryptocurrency wallet.
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What are the disadvantages of playing crypto poker?

There are also some potential disadvantages to playing crypto poker, including:

  • Volatility: Cryptocurrencies can be volatile, which means their value can fluctuate significantly over a short period of time. This can be a risk for players who are holding large amounts of cryptocurrency in their poker account.
  • Limited availability: Crypto poker is not as widely available as traditional online poker, so the selection of games and tournaments may be more limited.
  • Complexity: Some players may find the process of obtaining and using cryptocurrency to be complex and intimidating. This can be a barrier to entry for some players.
  • Lack of regulation: Cryptocurrency and crypto poker are largely unregulated, which can be a concern for some players. There is a risk of fraud or scams in the crypto poker industry, so it is important to choose a site that is reputable and that you can trust.


Crypto poker is a pretty big revolution for both cryptocurrencies and of course poker and we are glad to see that it shows no signs of slowing down in terms of growth. There is a lot of potential and we really do enjoy all the quality-of-life changes that crypto poker sites provide over their traditional counterparts. We hope that you will give it a shot after this text. The biggest hurdle is obtaining some crypto, so if you already have some lying around then we greatly encourage you to try it out.

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