7 Essential Home Maintenance Projects for Homeowners

Owning a home comes at a huge cost including the monthly and annual fees homeowners are required to pay. To safeguard this investment, homeowners must take all the necessary steps to keep their homes in good shape. This doesn’t only make increase the lifespan of your home but also maintains or increases its resale value. The best way to achieve this is through routine home maintenance.

Routine home maintenance helps homeowners to prevent major and costly repair works while improving the functionality of the house. Here are some 10 essential maintenance projects every homeowner needs to undertake.

1. HVAC system maintenance

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The heating ventilation and air conditioning system is one of the major systems in every home. It regulates the quality of air in the house for a comfortable home environment. The system requires regular maintenance to work efficiently and avoid a sudden breakdown. Have scheduled maintenance which includes cleaning the system and its surrounding of dirt, and removing anything that blocks the free circulation of air around it.

You may also need a servicing company to check your system for potential faults. You need to change filters frequently according to the manufacturer’s recommendations; check the thermostat, condenser, refrigerant, and all major components of the system. This helps it to also become energy efficient and saves you money in the long run.

You can protect the HVAC system with a home warranty from Cinch Home Services if you don’t have one already. This will give you some peace of mind and avoid emergency spending in case of a breakdown. The company will repair or replace it if needed.

2. Roof maintenance

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The roof is one of the major components of every home. It needs regular maintenance to prevent leaks and unsuspected damages. Since the roof is exposed to all kinds of weather conditions, it becomes susceptible to weather-related damage. Homeowners should have regular roof inspections to check for potential leaks and damages. Having regular inspections and repairs will prevent surprises and unplanned heavy expenditures.

You need to clear all forms of dirt that can block the gutters and prevent the free flow of rainwater. Remove and prevent the growth of algae and moss, check for broken caulks ensure the vent pipes are in good condition.

3. Plumbing maintenance and repair

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The plumbing system is another major home component that needs critical attention and frequent maintenance. As the system and fixtures age, coupled with high water pressures, your plumbing system can break and leak at any time. Such leaks can cause a mess at home and even weaken the building if not repaired in time. It also increases your water bill, as you paid for leaked water.

Prevent this by having a frequent check for leaks on the plumbing joints and fixtures. You can check for leaks by looking out for molds, stains, damages, and unusual wetness along the plumbing lines. Check your faucets, sinks, and all other plumbing fittings and fixtures for suspected leaks. You may need to replace old and broken fixtures to prevent leaks.

4. Electrical system

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The electrical system is one of the most ignored home systems during maintenance. Hardly do homeowners pay attention to it unless there is a major fault resulting in light outs. However, a single electrical fault can put your home in flames.

It is therefore critical to inspect and maintain your electrical system frequently. Frequent maintenance helps you to detect faults easily before they develop into major issues and replace damaged components. You may need to upgrade your electrical system by replacing old wires, switches, plugs, sockets, and other electrical fittings and components. This will prevent the potential risk of fire during power surges while also improving energy efficiency.

You can take advantage of the maintenance and upgrades to make your home a smart one. With smart home technology, you can run your entire home components and equipment with mobile apps.

5. Lawn maintenance

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Lawns improve the curb appeal of your home, make the home environment lively, and bring nature close to you. It needs proper care and attention to maintain its traits and charm. You need to mow your lawns regularly to keep your grass healthy and avoid damage. Check and maintain your water sprinklers or watering system frequently for easy access to water when needed, especially for dry seasons. You may need to fertilize the lawns to enhance grass growth. Removing unwanted weeds and plants from the lawn is also very important to prevent them from competing for water and nutrients with the grass.

6. Swimming pool

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If you have a swimming pool in your home, make it a priority to inspect and maintain it frequently. It ensures your pool has quality, clean, and safe water, especially in the summer swimming season. Check for pool leaks and cracks and seal them as soon as possible to save you costs. The pool equipment like filters, pumps, and heaters, must be well maintained and serviced to work efficiently.

At least once a week, skim your pool surface of all debris, brush the wall and floors to remove algae buildups, and vacuum it.

The water level should be at the recommended point and ensure that it has the right pH for safe swimming. Don’t forget to add recommended pool chemicals including chlorine to get rid of all bacteria and algae buildup.

7. Foundation maintenance

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The foundation is the main support of your entire building. The least damage to it can cause several including uneven settling, cracks in walls, shifts, and even the collapse of the building. So, it is important to immediately address foundation problems before it causes a huge financial burden. With frequent inspection and maintenance, you can identify and address small foundation problems. Big cracks in the walls are one of the major signs of a foundation problem.

Leaking water is one of the major causes of foundation problems. As your building foundation absorbs leaked water, becomes weak and can easily break apart. Maintain a proper drainage system around your foundation to prevent leaks. The roots of trees and shrubs can cause damage to your foundation. So, avoid planting trees or shrubs with big roots close to the building.


Home maintenance is essential for the quality and safety of your home. It prevents costly repair works by addressing smaller issues before they develop into major ones. Routine maintenance also adds value to your home when you decide to sell it. So, always ensure your HVAC system is running efficiently, the plumbing and electrical system are in good condition and your roof is intact. Your lawns should always be one of your topmost priorities as it gives your home a natural look and creates a serene environment. Don’t wait for things to get out of hand, which will only make you spend more.

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