Decoding Diamond Shapes: Finding The Perfect Fit For Your Engagement Ring

Whether planning to get married or getting engaged to a person of your dreams, the first thought that comes to mind is to get a sparkling diamond for your beloved. Because your loved ones are the most precious people in your life, why not surprise them with rarest diamond rings? But before choosing the perfect diamond, you must explore its various shapes, sizes, and colors, and pick the most special one.

Diamond engagement rings have become a universal symbol for falling in love, leading to an engagement that usually leads to a sacred marriage. It has made these precious rings a symbol of love and commitment to each other.


A Brief History Of Diamond Ring

Not many know for the fact that diamonds were first discovered in India thousands of years ago, and were never used as jewelry then. These were just considered stones and used as a piece for decoration and as talismans for warding away evil spirits. Later it was believed to cure a few diseases.

In 1477, the Archduke Maximilian of Austria gifted a diamond shaped cut ring to Mary of Burgundy for a marriage proposal. This ring piece had point-cut diamonds grouped in the shape of the letter M. Later, the fashioned tradition of diamond rings started.

Different Shapes Of Diamonds

In the present day, there exist different shapes of diamond cuts. There are brilliant cut diamonds, then fancy cut emeralds, and others. The final output of the diamond shape depends upon the original diamond and various inclusions added. Different diamond shapes include

Round Brilliant Cut Diamond

Marcel Tolkowsky calibrated the round brilliant cut diamond in 1919, which helped give this particular jewel that extra brilliant shine with the stone having 57 facets. Apart from the shape, other criteria, like cut, color, weight, and clarity, are considered when selecting a diamond.


Princess Shape Cut Diamond

The princess cut gem has adaptive, engineered, clean lines on its face. It is usually rectangular or square, with 76 facets emitting intense glitter. This cut is less expensive when compared to a round, brilliant-shaped jewel with the same weight.

Emerald Shape Cut Diamond

The emerald shape cut was exclusively for emerald stones, from which this cut gets its name and has 57 facets. This cut gives out a transparent light that is unique. The emerald shape-cut is eminent for being sober and very classy, and the jewel must be of utmost good purity as any slight defect in the diamond will be seen clearly.

Oval Shaped Cut Diamond

The oval-shaped cut diamond has an intense contemporary shape that has 56 facets. This oval-shaped diamond set in the center of a solitaire or ring creates a beautiful and elongated look, making the fingers and hand appear long and slender to the eye. This stone is less prone to chipping as it does not have sharp corners.



When selecting an engagement ring, there are different diamond shapes available to choose from. The ring is set depending on a person’s style, budget, and other factors that instigate the buyer to get it.

Visiting a jewelry store and checking out the different shapes of cut diamond rings displayed there is always advisable, as it gives a brief outline to the wearer or the buyer. With so many other options available, selecting that unique engagement ring for that unforgettable moment is easily accomplished.

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