Homefire – Turn Grape Seeds into Eco-Friendly Heat Logs

In today’s world of climate anxiety and making a conscientious effort to improve our carbon footprint, companies are constantly innovating, looking for new and efficient ways to offer value to customers while remaining ecologically aware.

This is why some companies have decided to explore using Grape Seeds to fabricate eco-friendly heat logs.

Here we will look at how this is done and what the benefits of this are for the customer and company.

How are Grape Seeds turned into Eco-Friendly Heat Logs?

The process of converting grape seeds into eco logs begins by stripping away the stems and skin of each individual grape by those in the wine and non-alcoholic beverage industries.

The remaining contents are then compressed and formed into the shape of logs which can then be burned for energy.

Undertaking this is totally environmentally friendly, using recycled grapes from South Africa in many circumstances, not contributing to deforestation in the slightest. It is proving to be a revolutionary way of providing heat and fuel for many.

Other eco-friendly heat logs exist, of course, and are an excellent source of energy at affordable pricing.


Why are Grape Seed Eco Logs beneficial?

Before initiatives like this were introduced, the wine industry, among others, faced a problem with what they should do with the oil remnants left after grapes had been processed.

The substance has since been researched and, thankfully, it was concluded that heat logs could be manufactured from the “oil cake” that is left behind from beverage-making.

Using this as a fuel source is definitely good for the environment in a number of ways. Other than the previously discussed benefit of not contributing to deforestation, making eco logs from grape seeds means no harmful chemicals will be introduced into the atmosphere once your fire is roaring.

With an approximate burning time of one hour per Grape Seed Eco Log, rest assured that you’re not going to have to regularly replace or add to your logs because these eco logs are efficient and burn well.

These days, consumers want to know that the product they’re using has as few negative effects as possible and is environmentally friendly. This makes Corporate Social Responsibility a key consideration for organisations everywhere. If the purchaser knows they can trust the brand and product range, they are far more likely to remain a customer and buy repeatedly from that company.


How do Eco-Friendly Heat Logs compare to traditional firewood?

There’s no denying that more traditional firewood (when untreated) has negative consequences as it’s burned.

One of these negatives is the amount of smoke it can produce. This smoke can be damaging to those in the vicinity and the environment generally. On top of that, the UK has introduced “smoke control zones”, which means that people who start fires need to remain aware of the amount of smoke their fire is producing if they are within that zone.

Eco Logs are beneficial because they don’t produce nearly as much smoke as untreated firewood does, meaning you don’t need to be as concerned about the output of smoke produced.

For all of your eco log needs, browse the Homefire website to see what you can purchase.

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