Balance Is Key: Keeping Employees Happy And Healthy While Staying Productive

Employee morale directly impacts productivity in both negative and positive fashions. The balance that needs to be found can take time and is vital to the overall staff productivity. Healthy employees are also more likely to stay steady than see a lull after lunch. The composition of the meals that are consumed at lunch can shape an organization’s productivity along with health.

Management needs to walk a line of pushing yet having expectations rooted in some form of reality. Too many managers need to remember incremental improvements and want to see a massive uptick in productivity. Without changing processes, the increase in productivity is not substantial. Work environment and employee health will have a much more significant impact on overall outcomes. Below are tips to keep employee morale and health high, which allows for improved productivity data.

A Clean Office To Come To


The office can be hotbeds of illness during specific months. Entire departments can be out on days due to a disease spreading quickly among these staff members. Even air quality matters in terms of employee outlook and output. Compass Cleaning Solutions from Phoenix notes,” Working in a clean work area free from dust and dirt makes an employee feel better on the whole. Accumulated dust and visibly dirty surroundings can bring an employee’s mood down, agitate any allergies or respiratory illnesses, and make them want to leave the office as soon as possible. Research has shown that poor indoor air not only affects a worker’s health but also diminishes cognitive function.”

Perks Truly Matter

Covering gym memberships to a point can be crucial as healthier employees tend to have fewer dips in productivity during the day. Employees that come to work after the gym will be more productive than those that commute after rolling out of bed. Gyms at the office park or office building can be utilized at various times. Employees staying late don’t have to worry about heading home and then to the gym as they can likely get in a quick workout during a break. Others will stay late then exercise as missing traffic impacts a person’s drive immensely.

Covering a massage therapist to come in for those that sit most of the day can accomplish a few things. First, employees will have something great to look forward to. Additionally, the staff can be incentivized to hit numbers that qualify for this perk. The final benefit is that sharing this on social media is likely to be done by the team. The applicants and future applicants considering a job at the company will view this as a massive positive.

Sensible KPIs That Need To Be Hit


Key performance indicators or KPIs need to be realistic. The overall stress at work is usually relatively high in certain positions. Adding KPIs that are based on no data whatsoever is only going to lead to adverse outcomes. The employee might be too stressed to work if expected to do something that is nearly impossible. Others might quit before getting fired or immediately start the job search after goals have been set that have no chance of being hit.

Rewarding Top Performers Accordingly

Rewarding top performers in various ways will be vital to employee retention. Other companies could offer far better compensation or vacation packages. Compensating those that are much more productive than their peers can help reduce the likelihood of this professional looking for a new gig. Sales professionals are perfect examples, as uncapped commission rates can allow them to benefit fully from what they do for a business.

Hiring Those That Fit The Company Culture


The mental health of everyone in the office can decline due to the wrong hire. An inept employee can lead to department conflict, but HR can remedy this quickly. The real issue is those who seem to be parasites, leading everyone into negative thinking. The one aspect that hiring software cannot nail is that of an applicant’s personality. Looking at the various experiences along with the trajectory at companies matters. Interactions with potential coworkers can be substantial, even if it is just taking an applicant out to a happy hour.

Firing quickly and hiring less rapidly is so vital for the morale of an office. Suppose staff has been very unhappy with the attitude or energy a person brings to an office. In that case, this is what the 90-day review period hires are for. A lengthy interview process needs to be avoided as some want to figure out employment quickly. The process must be streamlined so it is kept within a couple of weeks maximum. Talented professionals might garner offers from multiple companies while multiple rounds of interviews are held.

Provide Fitness Trackers For Employees

Fitness trackers that can be connected to a smartphone are so useful. The truth is that most people are more active when they are being tracked. Even a short walk can motivate someone to go further regarding the steps that need to be hit for the day. Reminders about daily or weekly goals can also be a huge help as this will appear on your phone. These should not be connected to the company network but can be used as an employee gift. Contests in terms of calories burned or steps taken can be instituted quite easily.


The ability to figure out what is a great time to stand up for a break can improve health while improving productivity. Small breaks with physical activity have been shown to improve overall productivity across the entire day. The ability to grind out hours is important, but staying productive well after lunch is an entirely different challenge. Setting agendas for the day in a detailed manner can be meaningful and supported by the company. Even if breaks are included, these need to be tracked along with an employee’s output. This needs to be considered if an employee sees a 15 percent increase in overall productivity with more breaks. Five minutes could result in an extra 30 minutes of work completed with a higher level of quality.

Health, productivity, and morale within a company are all linked. Use data and employee feedback to find that elusive balance that works for the company.

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