What is Net Neutrality? Why we must support it against Airtel Zero

Airtel, a Telecom Service Provider, keeps bringing some new stuffs occasionally to fulfill its greed. Couple of months ago they introduced separate data charges for VOIP services and now, here they are trying hard to introduce “Airtel Zero”. If you are active on Social Media, you might have saw trending hast tags #NetNeutrality , #NetNeutralityIndia and #SaveTheInternet on Facebook, G+, Twitter, etc. Well, it is very important and perfect time to Support these tags.

Net Neutrality

What is Airtel Zero? Why we must Ban it?

Under this Airtel Zero plan, this Greedy company wants to make more money from us (users) as well as some big players on the internet. It means, although you have a 2GB Internet Package active, you will still have to pay for making calls via WhatsApp or Viber or so. Apart from few websites those are considered free under your internet package, you will still have to pay separately for 80% of the other internet websites you visit. No matter, you still have 1.5GB data left in your package, but you will be billed separately for data you use apart from what Airtel allowed you.

Also, there would be few websites which though will be allowed, but they will load very very slow. For example, if Facebook is allowed under Airtel Zero, Bing will open at normal speed (because they are partnered in Facebook Search) but if Google has not paid to Airtel, Google will open too slow at your place. Slow Internet is always worse than having no Internet.

Is it good? Airtel Zero is actually taking away the Freedom of using Internet from us. If you want to stream a video, you must first check if it is allowed in Airtel Zero Terms or not. If you want to visit your friend’s blog, you must check it again whether you are gonna get charged for it or not. This sounds pretty much similar to Racial or Religion or Gender equality. Some are treated good while some are treated bad. Dude, we all are Human and all must be Treated Equally. This sucks.

What is Net Neutrality? Why we must Support it?

Well Net Neutrality is just a simple fight back against Airtel Zero and taking away our Internet Freedom. It simply means Keep all Internet data Neutral. This is a message to TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) that we as the users, dont want any stupid Airtel Zero sort of things to take away our freedom and making Internet a nightmare.

Net Neutrality means keeping everything simple and accessible to everyone equally, regardless which website we are visiting, which apps we are using, from where the data is coming and no matter where it is going. No internet data should be blocked or charged separately. Well, here are some Videos as well that explains Net Neutrality in another ways. You can watch it too (Dont worry, you wont be charged for it as Airtel Zero is yet not applied). We all guys are working too hard to stop TRAI fulfilling the greediness of Airtel. You know these guys below in Video haven’t monetized these videos, they simply want you save Net Neutrality.

Here’s another from one of my favorite YouTube Channel Guy:

How can we support Net Neutrality?

Well, Social Media has always been a better source for spreading your message and make it reach to Authorities. Here is how you can save Net Neutrality:

1. Please visit and follow the instructions provided. You dont need to type any message manually to send mail to TRAI, it is all done. It requires only a few clicks.

2. Go to all your Social network accounts and tweet as much as you can using Hash Tags #NetNeutrality , #NetNeutralityIndia and #SaveTheInternet. Tag your buddies and tell them to do this as well.

How to use site for sending message to TRAI?

It is very simple. Requires just a couple of clicks. Check this video showing how you can do that on your Smartphones or on PCs:

Friends, this is the time to save our Internet. We put our voices to TRAI and Telcos and stop them screwing us, the Internet Users. Pleas do it. Thank you.

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