Google to reveal lightweight ‘Brillo OS’ for Internet of Things (IoT)

Microsoft has rolled out the first preview and Huwaei have made an announcement of their own OS for Internet of Things (IoT) same that include devices which are small, very low-cost connected device for internet. Also many other companies including Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, and Qualcomm have come up with their own OS to connect to the Internet of Things. They may face serious competition from Google as recent reports suggest that Google is set to release their own OS for the IoT devices, named Brillo which is expected to be released at the Google I/O 2015 conference this month end in San Francisco.

Google Brillo OS

Google already has an operating system laptops, desktops, Smartphone’s, tablets, smartwatches, and TV’s. Soon Google may also release an OS for household electronic appliances like fridges, light bulbs, alarm clocks, thermostats, speakers, washing machines, security systems and other smart devices that come in the category of the “Internet of Things.”

Google wants Brillo to power any device which has the ability to connect to the internet, it doesn’t matter whether it has any digital screen or not. The Brillo OS will be a lightweight OS based on Android and the Android unit of Google is currently working under it.

Currently any Android OS works with a RAM OF at least 512 MB RAM but Brillo is said to be developed for low powered devices with limited hardware resources and as less as 32 or 64 MB of RAM.

Google has planned to provide Brillo completely free of cost to the device manufacturers. Stay tuned to find out what the Brillo OS has in store for you !

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