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Android M new Features, Download and Release date

Google officially announced the next version of Android, named as Android M yesterday at the I/O Developer Conference. Google has also released the first preview and Emulator as promised for Android M for Google Nexus 5, 6 , 9 devices. The developer preview is now available for download. Google stated that there will be two more preview updates before the final version and both the updates will be based on the developer’s feedback.

Android M

The new Android M has come with a number of exciting new features:

App Permissions: The new App Permissions system cuts down the number of permissions an app can request down to Camera, Location, Microphone, Contacts, SMS, Sensor etc. Apps will have to ask the users for access to these functions only for the first time when using the app.

App Linking: App linking feature will allow app developers to associate their app with their own website which will surely improve app link system.

‘Now On Tap’ Google Now: This feature will provide all related and required information in a single click. This app will provide you more info about the things you are searching for in any app. It acts as a personal assistant.

Power Management: Android M will come with a power saving feature called Doze, which will manage the system background process. It will also come with an App Standby feature.

Fingerprint Support: Android M will support with a standard for fingerprint sensors. Users will be able to use their fingerprints to unlock their device, authorize an Android Pay transaction and also make Play store purchases.

Android Pay:  Google’s new mobile payment system Android Pay is developed to make payment process easy and fast. Google aims to to provide simplicity, security, and choice with Android Pay. It allows users to pay for a variety of products in more than 700,000 stores in US, using credit cards

Power & Charging: Devices with Android M will also support USB Type-C which enables real faster charging. It also lets you charge any other smartphone battery using your phone.

Android M also comes with a backup feature for apps in Google, better copy-paste function, direct Share feature and many more.

The first preview of the Android M is available now. After flashing this preview, next previews will be upgraded through OTA updates. The second preview is set to release in late June followed by the third preview which will be available in late July. The changes in these updated will be based on developer’s feedback. Android M final release will take place in Q3 and it will be available to users in October or November.

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