iOS 9 expected Features and Release date

As the launch of new iPhone (iPhone 6S and 6S Plus) is coming near, Apple seems to be working on the new iOS update, i.e. IOS 9. Most probably Apple will release this update with launch of their new iPhones this year. As per reports the new OS will focus on better optimization and improvements in stability. Reduction in space that the OS takes is one of the major optimizations that will take place in this update. Also it will fix all the bugs of iOS 8 like slow Wi-Fi, battery drain, screen rotation problems, Bluetooth connectivity failures, and more.

iOS 9 Features

Let’s take a look at rumored new features of iOS 9:

Compatible With Older Apple Devices:

iOS 9 will be compatible with Apple devices using the company’s A5 processor chip (iPhone 4s, the original iPad mini, the iPad 2, and the 5th-gen iPod touch) and will provide better performance as compared to iOS 8 on these devices.

Convert IMAP Based Apps To iCloud Drive:

Apple may also transform many apps like Notes, Calendar, Reminders, Contacts, etc to its own iCloud Drive, which will enhance the communication, backup data and also provide more security

Trusted Wi-Fi:

There may be a feature named Trusted Wi-Fi which will allow MAC and iOS devices to connect to wireless routers which are trusted without any extra security measures, whereas non trusted Wi-Fi routers will have a tedious encrypted wireless connection.

Updates In Apple Maps:

There may be updates like transit directions (directions for bus, subway and train routes) and indoor mapping capability for Maps, some improvements to Siri so that the iPhone looks much like the vibrant Apple watch and a Home app HomeKit for Apple’s Home Automation which will be released very soon.

Also, the much awaited split-screen multitasking feature will come with the iOS 9, which will let iPad users open, view and use 2 apps at the same time.

Force Touch Technology:

The Force touch technology will come with iOS 9 and users will be able to perform functions like dropping pins in Apple Maps, handle scrolling in iOS media player, adding new events to Calendar and quickly looking up for definitions of any word.

Updated Keyboard:

Except from force touch iOS 9 will also come with an updated keyboard, which will include both portrait and landscape mode and will come editing controls in portrait mode. The new keyboard will relatively be longer that the current iOS keyboard

Apple is also working on updating the QuickType so that users can use it anywhere in the system with ease.

Updated iMessage:

Apple has reportedly improved iMessage for iOS 9. iMessage will come with an upgraded back end structure which will now support read receipts in personal messages as well in group chats. So iOS 9 users can activate read receipts for the people they want and deactivate it for others.

There are reports that Apple Pay will be launched for Canada with iOS 9 which will be the first country except America to support Apple Pay.

Release Date:

Apple will most probably reveal the preview in June and if Apple sticks to their previous release schedule they will release iOS 9 in September. There have been recent rumors that Apple will release iOS 9 in August.

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