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Android M first Impression Review and new features

What’s more in Android M?

Android M will come with an Auto Backup and Restore feature for apps, which will back up the app data and settings. It will also feature a new App drawer a white background and will scroll vertically instead of horizontally.

Google has also come up with a new RAM Manager for Android M which will provide users a precise and detailed info of RAM usage by apps. So users can find out which app is hampering the phone performance and then uninstall it. The new Android also comes with a performance bar on the top of the page which displays the performance of the device. If it says good performance it means that you have ab efficient set of apps installed onto your device.

Android M will also come with support to Adoptable unlike before which means you can store your apps and other device data on a MicroSD card or USB Drive. It will come with an improved Google Now, a new feature Now On Tap will provide relevant content without leaving the app the user is currently using.

Android M is also set to come with a faster, improved and efficient Chrome browser and a new photo service named Google Photos which can store unlimited photos and videos.

Android M Release Date:

The Android M Developer Preview has been already released for Nexus 5, Nexus 6, Nexus 9 and Nexus Player. It can be downloaded right away from here. There will be two more developer preview updates after which the final version is expected to release in Q3, 2015.

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