iPhone 7 Features, Release date and Rumors

iPhone 7 is very a hot topic nowadays as there are many rumors surfing on web about it. In this article, we are giving you all we know about iPhone 7 or the ‘Next iPhone’. When iPhone 7 will launch? What new features will it may have? What changes can we expect from iPhone 7?  Many more questions. Well you should bookmark us because we’ll keep u updated with new information regarding iPhone 7.

iPhone 7 Concept

iPhone 7 Release Date:

There are many rumors that Apple will launch probably two or may be three new iPhone’s in the mid of September 2015 because traditionally it launches new iPhone in September. But there are also many Rumors suggesting that iPhone 7 will launch in August.

What will the next iPhone be called? Will it be iPhone 6S or iPhone 6C or iPhone 7?

Talking about naming ,there are rumors that Apple is considering to drop the ‘S’ naming convention so we predict  it will be a 4.7-inch phone called iPhone 7, and 5.5-inch iPhone 7 plus and if Apple will make 4-inch iPhone then it will be called iPhone 6c or iPhone 7 mini.  Nowlet’s move to some technical details.

iPhone 7 Specs Rumours:

Display & Screen size:

According to resources Apple iPhone 7 could feature a 3D Display. As we have mentioned before also three new iPhones are expected with 4-inch and 4.7-inch and 5.5-inh screen.


The latest reports suggest that iPhone 7  will have 12-megapixel camera as compared with 8 megapixel camera of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus. Also new iPhone can have dual-lens camera which will offer ‘DSLR-like’ picture quality.


It is expected that ‘new iPhone’ will have A9 processor chipset which is expected to be manufactured using a 14-nanometer design. This chips will have more power and efficiency as compared to A8 processor which is used in current iphone models like iPhone 6 and others.


Rumors also suggest that Apple is planning to increase the amount of RAM in its new iPhone line. iPhone 7 or ‘new iPhone’ will possibly come with 2 GB of RAM.

Battery life:

Many rumors are suggesting that Apple thinks battery life is not so important to make compromises in other areas. But still possibilities of increasing battery life are there because with iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus Apple made conservative increase in battery life.

iPhone 7 Expected Features:

Force Touch:

iPhone 7 will get new Force touch capabilities. Apple is currently using Force touch in its Apple watch which enables devices to differentiate between a tap and a press. Also Apple has employed Force touch in its Macbook.

Wireless charging:

Everyone expected wireless charging in iPhone 6 but this did not happen. Apple introduced wireless charging in Apple watch as an inductive charging. So we can expect that new iphone will have wireless charger.

New charger:

Since 2014 there are many rumors about a new iPhone charger suggesting that the USB part of the charger could be reversible, just like the Lightning connector. This video clearly shows what is expected to be new charger for upcoming iPhone.

iOS 9:

It is expected that at software level iOS 9 will also bring many new features like split-screen app multitasking, proactive, group face time calls and improved parental control.

WWDC is scheduled just in next few days, so we can expect that Apple will make some announcements regarding upcoming iPhone.

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