Google’s new online tool for smartphone selection launched

As we know there are variety of smartphones available in market, we get many choices but sometimes so many choices that confuse us to select one. There are many factors that should be considered while buying a smart battery life, price, internal storage and the list goes on. To solve this problems Google has introduced new online tool for finding right smartphone for you. The Web Tool is named as Google ‘which phone’.

Google Phone Selection Tool

This new tool asks you about your requirements and then shows you 2-3 phones which will suit you. Google has very smartly categorized users’ needs into 16 parameters on the basis of which the Google computes best phone for users. For example it asks users what kind of camera images they would like and how often they uses camera as well as it asks users how often they play games on their phone and what kind of games they play. On these basis it chooses a phone for users. So you should specify features you would prefer in your phone. It also allows you to change or delete a particular requirement.

After that it shows list of suggested phones it generally contains three phones. Additionally you can also filter phones on the basis carrier, size, price and latest phones. On the top of the page there few more option which allows you to see what are your needs, share results on major social networking like Facebook, Twitter etc., you can restart the session and also you can save it for future use on your email.

For USA users it offers direct link to buy the smartphones. Still some latest phone’s direct purchase is not available. It’s not a very big issue you can gets a good clues of phones which suits you.

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