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The LEGO Movie Videogame +2 Trainer

Developed by TT Games and released by Warner Bros. Interactive, Lego Movie Video game is a game for PC, Xbox and PS3 based on the Lego Movie. It is the latest installment of Lego series which is an action-adventure genre game putting us in the shoe of Emmet, a character. We as the lead character has to fight be the evil and save the world. The game is quite big and interesting with over 15 levels and upto 90 playable characters. If you are playing this game on your computer, the i got you something useful. It is a +2 game trainer for Lego Movie videogame offering you many new stuffs which will help you through out the game. Yes, it is a kind of cheat but you can activate or deactivate it anytime. If you want you can download it right away from this page in one click.

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