Know How to Charge your Smartphone without Electricity

We have a habit of being attached to our Smartphone, all day all night. Not only that, we are also attached to the socket where we charge our phone. We sit all day lazily near the plug and charge our phone.

Now what if we are out somewhere on a trek, to a beach or on a road trip and the smartphone which we can’t stay without, is out of battery? Once you are out of battery, the Smartphone is merely a piece of metal or plastic. Here are some top solutions on how to charge your Smartphone in emergency.

Car Charger

Now you are on a road trip and your Smartphone lacks battery, don’t worry the simplest solution is here. You can purchase a car charger which is available easily in the market that will support most Smartphones and cars. You can charge your phone easily in your car, your car’s battery will act as an energy provider. Car chargers are available at a cheap price and are a must buy. You can also seek for a dual-USB charger, to charge 2 smartphones at a time or charge a camera and a smartphone together.

Car Charger

Solar Charger

Now this one is better and efficiently reliable, as it does not require electricity and yet charges your Smartphone fully. However you can charge your phone only in the day when the sun is bright, because the solar charger uses sun as a power source. One disadvantage is the size of the charger, small sized ones aren’t effective and the bigger ones are considerably bigger, carrying them is an issue. In India it is available online, starting from thousand rupees.

Solar Phone Charger

Hand Crank

Hand Crank chargers are small in size and very helpful too, they don’t require electricity. You may not be aware of them but yes, they exist. However, you may have heard of Hand Crank light (torch) the charger is similar and is available online at 60$ which is 3000 rupees approx. Now you may be wondering how it works, this device can produce 10 watts of electricity at 120 volts. It will work all the time all you have to do is crank (rotate) to charge your phone. However it is pretty slow and takes time, so you’ll have to crank it for a good 20-25 mins for using your Smartphone. So it is not highly recommended.

Charger without power

Power Bank

Now I have one more solution for you, act smart before a trip and buy a power bank which is easily available online as well as in retail stores. You can charge the powerbank when home or when there is access to electricity and carry it with you, later when your Smartphone is out of charge the powerbank will help you charge it. It can charge many smartphones. The power bank has become a huge hit nationwide and all of you make sure to carry one on your trips. Well except this you can also carry a backup battery for your phone if you want.

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