Windows 10 Build 10163 Screenshots Leaked

Approximately 20 days are left for Windows 10 official release and now the screenshots of another Build of Windows 10 are circulating on the Web. The new Build is 10163 which is yet to be available for Windows 10 insiders.

Last week three new Builds of Windows 10 were released out of which Windows Insiders got 10162 and others were intended to Windows partners. Currently Build 10162 is the latest one available for Windows 10 insiders. Earlier the release note of Build 10163 was leaked by which clearly shows that this new Build does not contain any major changes in the UI or in the performance but it offers a better stability and fixes many issues of Build 10162.

According to UI this new Build looks similar to Build 10162. As this new Build focuses on bug fixing, it offers solution to many problems in several areas including Display, Battery, App development, Microsoft Edge etc. For example “When the battery saver is overridden (that is turned on until the next charge), that state is now persisted even if the system goes to sleep or standby”.

The leaked screenshots of Build 10163 shows installation screen, calendar, start menu, store app, Weather app and many more. Some of these images are given below, for more screenshots go to

As of now there is no official confirmation of Build 10163 but it is expected to hit Windows insiders at any time so stay tuned with us we will keep you updated.

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