What Does M Stands for in Android M? Here’s what Google Teased

So, the next Android update we are about to get is called ‘Android M‘. But the question is, What does this ‘M’ stands for ? Last year Google brought the Lollipop OS also in the same manner with name of ‘Android L’ which latest known as Lollipop. Now what’s M?

Google announced and launch the developer Preview of Android M back in May at I/O 2015. Since then many of us are imagining it with several names that includes Mars, Muffin, Milshake, Milky Bar, Mud Cake, Marshmallow, Moon Pie and more. Obviously the name will be something from Chocolates itself.

Anyways, Google teased few names in a tweet today saying:

And here’s the video teased video for the same. have a look:

Android M is said to be the most advanced update so far bring a whole lot of new features to our devices. You can check the Review and List of Features we gonna get with this new Android.

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