Firefox OS 2.5 Developer Preview Launched and Available for Android Devices

Firefox today launched the Developer Preview of Firefox OS 2.5. The good news is that even Android users can try out this new OS on their smartphones or tablets by just installing a Single app. Yes, that’s absolutely right. Unlike other Operating Systems like Cyanogen or any other, if you want to try them out, you need to Root, Wipe out the device completely, Flash the ROM and so on. But for Firefox OS 2.5 Developer Preview, you just need to install an Application.

Firefox OS 2.5 Developer Preview

This is basically a Firefox ‘Developer Preview’ Launcher app that offers you a bit taste of Firefox OS on your Android smartphone. Unlike other launchers that just changes the phone’s UI, this app also offers you few system level applications including emails, messaging, calls, etc It also brings Firefox App Store to your Android device making you feel like you are really using Firefox OS.

The most important thing is that this launcher doesn’t effects your other applications at all. They continue to work as good as earlier. If you want to experience the Firefox OS 2.5 on your Android device, simply Download the Developer Preview APK from here and install it normally like other apk files. This is the only option because this app is not available on Google PlayStore. Please Note, the launcher seems to slow down the phone a little bit, and the back button doesn’t seems to work at all.

Since it is just a Firefox Developer Preview launcher with some built-in apps, if you dont like it, simply Uninstall. But if you liked the Firefox OS experience and want to get the complete OS on your Android phone, simply follow the step by step procedure here of downloading and flashing Firefox OS 2.5 on your Android device.

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