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Lenovo PC Suite and USB Driver

PC Suite for your Lenovo makes it much easier to manage the data on your phone. It gives you all the essential features which a smartphone management tool would come with. It gives you the backup and restore feature which would help you to keep your data secured on your computer whilst storing it in your computer through this PC Suite.

Contacts, Messages, Notes, Reminders, Bookmarks, Music, Pictures, Videos, Apps etc are the files and data which you can back up with the PC suite. Save these files on your computer with the PC Suite so that even in future you can restore the backed up data or you can also access these data without using your Lenovo smartphone.

You can sync your Contacts and e-mails with the MS Outlook account once it is configured with the computer. Similarly to the syncing part with the MS Outlook you can sync your data with any Cloud Service.

Updating your Lenovo phone’s firmware with the PC Suite is also possible as the PC Suite checks the OS on your phone when it is connected to the computer. You can also check the update manually on your PC Suite. It gives you a freedom on the OTA update side as it doesn’t work all time or sometime it doesn’t show you the update on the phone via the Software Update. You can also download the most recent Lenovo USB Driver from here. It is in the same download package with the PC Suite.

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  1. How could I download Driver for Lenovo A526

    actually I m unble to connect to my Lenovo to PC with Mobile Assitant

        1. Thank you very much KP for letting me know the problem. The links have now been updated. You can download it without any problem.
          Best Regards.


    1. Lenovo PC Suite is provided for Download above itself. Get it, Install and see your Internal Storage on PC. Its simple, right ?

  3. Sir,

    i downloaded the pc suite for lenovo a1000G tablet. however, when i tried to run the file, it asked for a password, without which i cannot proceed further. pls guide me..


    1. Hello Rinzin, sorry for the inconvenience caused.
      But i am not able to understand your problem. You saying the application asks for password while running it? Well, neither the RAR file is password protected, nor the application. I just download it from the same source and installed it on my PC. It went as smooth as expected.

  4. unfortunately i recently purchased Lenovo A526 cell phone. during charging its display gone. all functions are seems to be working but no display. would u please suggest me that display software is out of order or the screen needs to change????


    1. Hello Shahid, as you said you recently purchased it, it is obviously in Warranty. So, without doing anything on your own, simply carry it to Lenovo Service Center and let them fix it for free.

  5. Pl tell me how to install free Lenovo A390 PC suite to my computer. To keep by data backup and add or delete.

  6. Dear Sir,
    Pl tell me how to install free Lenovo A-390 PC Suite for back up my data to my Computer , Add & delete files.

    1. Simply download the file from above, extract he rar files in a folder on your computer and double click the Setup.exe to install the PC Suite. Isn’t it Simple 🙂

  7. Dear sir, i have updated my lenovo s820 os. i took battery while installing os. so noq my mobile doesnt work. after this incident when i try to connect my mobile by pressing volume+ key,my device manager doesnt show my lenovo as mtk6589…. it shows as unknown device.. help me pls

    1. my mobile is dead. pressing all the buttons ( volume un and down, power button) at same time to open installation of os also doesnt work

      1. Hello Jahaber, sorry i am not able to understand your actual problem.

        You saying you updated OS, then you saying installation of OS doesn’t work, then you took out battery, Device manager wont recognize your phone….
        Very very confusing 🙁

  8. I have a lenovo K900
    It only charges when connected to my laptop.
    I want to transfer some data.PLEASE HELP

  9. Installed the PC suite but does not work. Keeps giving a message that connect via data cabel. though I have everything connected properly.

  10. I have A536; earlier it was not getting connected to suite although other options like camera, memory card media transfer were working. My USB debug was also on. I then installed USB driver too from here; it now gets connected to phone and even shows snapshot of phone when gets connected, then it does not work more. I mean it is not getting contact sms backup from phone, nor it is sending sms .. Can you please help?

    1. This is actually unusual behavior, so i cannot be sure about what could be the problem. However, you must try re-installing the PC Suite again.

  11. Pc suite was downloaded easily but while downloading driver from this page it asks for a password, what should I enter there.

    1. Hi Maman. Password is mentioned on the download button itself. It is “TechDisc”. Enter this and click download button. Regards.

    1. PC Suite download link is given right below the image (in the above article). Just click it and download.
      Please let me know if you need anymore help.

  12. Hi. Dear Sir,
    I need your help . my Smartphone is A5000 . my phone is firmware die. Where Can i Find this Firmware. pls help me sir.

    1. What do you mean by “Firmware Die”? I’ve never seen or heard firmware dying. Can you please brief whats is the problem you facing with your phone?

  13. Mr.Maqbool
    I am planning to update my OS in my mobile Lenovo A60 , I don’t know how to do it & pls suggest me which will match for my A60

    1. Hi Saleem. Are you trying to update using Custom ROM? If yes, there’s no custom ROM available for A60. Secondly, there’s also no official firmware update rolled out for this model. 🙁

  14. WellI c ould download the suite for lenovo s660 in the downlod folder and I further send it to document file but from both folder when double clicked it ask ” how do you you want to open this type file (.rar)?
    Look for an app in apstore.
    Cant do it

    1. Hope you know that PC Suites are installed in “PC”. You need to install this software in your COMPUTER, and not in mobile phone. Also, make sure you have WinRar software installed on your PC to open this file.

  15. Hi Maqbool.

    I extracted the rar file and the icon of LenovoUSBdriver also appeared on the desktop (as I had extracted to this location).
    But the after installation process is completed, I still cannot see the PC Suite installed. What could be the problem?

      1. Hi.. Thanks a lot for the link. I was able to download the PC Suite properly using that.

        I hope you will be able to answer further queries please..!!! I connected my mobile to my laptop through USB cable and I can see that the phone has started charging (which is a signal that the USB connection is well established). I have also ensured that the USB debugging mode is enabled in my phone. But still the PC suite window says to connect the mobile to PC with the USB. Why so? Please help. Thanks a lot indeed.


        1. This is very strange. If the PC Suite is installed properly and the phone is charging, means it is connected. And this it must show up in PC Suite as well. It is very difficult to find out whether the problem is with Phone or PC unless you change devices. I means try to do this on some another PC or with some another Lenovo phone.

  16. Dear sir Maqboolbhai
    lenovo X2-AP not install my computer pc driver
    please help & Replay

    1. You can download the Lenovo Driver from below, install it on your PC, Reboot the PC and then connect your phone using USB Cable. It should work fine.

  17. I received Lenovo A816 with ROM chinese/english only. I have the multilanguage ROM from needrom.com but the instructions on how to update are very confusing. Do you know what program to install the ROM as it is qualcomm. Thanks for any help

  18. Hi Sir,

    I got this message “File not found or Downlaoad Link Expired!” for USB Driver.. Please help me.,

    Thank You

  19. Hi, I recently bought a Lenovo Vibe Z2. On inserting the sim card and switching on the phone, it does not go beyond the language selection point
    What might be the problem?

    1. Hello Collins. As the phone is newly bought, you must take it to the dealer or Service center because if you try fixing it your self and if anything goes wrong, the warranty will break unnecessarily.

      However, you can fix it by going into Recovery Mode > Wipe Data.

        1. Oh Ok. I got it.

          As you might be aware most of the devices since past year come with MTP USB Connection, instead of Mass Storage Device. So, your Lenovo is probably (surely) MTP device which. And the provided Driver and PC Suite is made for Windows 7 and above.

          Hence it is not working on your Windows XP, and so you are getting the said error. 🙁 Buddy, it is now time for Windows 10. You must upgrade your PC.

          1. Thanks for the help !
            So there is no other solution ?

            Also a silly qs: how do I upgrade to Windows 10? Is there a step-by-step guide available..? Can u help?


  20. Hi,

    when i connect to the usb its charging in my new Lenova k3 note. i can’t transfer files from pc to mobile. please help me out.

    S.Mohamed Riyaz

  21. not able to install the lenovo suite.. when i click on Lenovo_Suite.exe it runs and ask user permission after that a window appears and then disaappears

  22. hi i downloaded PC suit but it’s language is chinis and i don’t understand eny thing!!! can you help me?

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