Google Paid $1 Billion just to keep Google Search Bar on iPhones

Doesn’t the title sounds interesting? Yes it does. Google paid Apple 1 Billion USD in 2014 to keep the Google search bar on iPhones. Being a Rival for Apple can cost you pretty good amount.

The report came into view by an Oracle attorney during the hearing on January 14 between Google and Oracle dispute which is going on since 2014 for Google using Oracle software in Android without giving them any Credit or compensation.

Although the partnership between the rivals (Apple and Google) has been since years but none of them have ever disclosed the amount for Google being in iPhones.

Google on iPhone

It was revealed that Google used to share a percentage of revenue earned from iPhones. The exact number of percentage was revealed by the Oracle attorney, Annette Hurst, as 34%. During the hearing, he said “at one point in time the revenue share was 34 percent.” Since these figures were very sensitive for both Google and Apple, they kept it highly confidential since years. Now, if the figures are publicly known, no idea, if both the tech Giants may face some problems.

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