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MIUI 8 List of New Features and Release Date

With the launch of Xiaomi Mi Max, company’s first ever Phablet, Xiaomi has also introduced all new MIUI 8 for few selective devices. (Download MIUI 8 Developer ROM) However, the new Mi Max comes pre-loaded with the same, other devices will get it next month, in June. Even though we saw so many improvements and new features in MIUI 7, the company has really worked hard to make MIUI 8 worth upgrading because of its some really cool features and enhancement. You will surely love each and everything the OS carries with it. Let’s check out each of these features in detail.

The new Phone App:

Xiaomi has improved the animation you see when somebody calls you. With MIUI 8’s new phone app you feel more comfortable to get access to important options when you answer or reject the calls. take a look:

MIUI 8 New Notification Panel:

This is yet another complete changed stuff we gonna see in MIUI 8. It now offers more dynamic experience with essential icons available in just a scroll. Unlike earlier, you can now toggle several settings and features directly from the Notification panel, and that too with attractive colors.

MIUI 8 Colorful Design:

Well, our Xiaomi phone’s were already so colorful inside but that has been improved yet to another level. Most of the apps now have their own unique colors, including the Contacts, Dialer, Calender, etc making your browsing more attractive.


MIUI 8 Mi Lanting:

Yet another new feature we are about to receive in new Update is called ‘Mi Lanting’. Well, this is only for the readers who love reading on Smartphones or tablets. With Mi Lanting, has made reading more comfortable by enhancing the characters.

MIUI 8 Mi Lanting

MIUI 8 Gallery App and Editing:

Photography is one of the most important aspect we consider while buying a new smartphone. Well, it is about camera, but the next place we visit is the Gallery where all our favorite moments get stored. In MIUI 8, you get all new Gallery app with so many new features including space saver, adding stickers or doodles to your pictures, editing your videos on the go and much more. You can crop, add filters, add captions, music and more to your videos. That’s not all. Once you done adding Fun to your picture/video, simply swipe up to share it with your friends on social networks or any other devices.

MIUI 8 Gallery App

New MIUI 8 Scanner:

Xiaomi is bringing in all new Scanner with MIUI 8 that not only lets you scan Barcodes but also lets you Solve math problems, lets your Snap and Shop, lets you Scan and Buy and much more. Just like Google image search, you can capture anything using Scanner and search it online instantly. You can also scan barcode of any product and search/buy it online.

MIUI 8 Scanner

MIUI 8 Notes:

Xiaomi has improved the way you deal with your Notes. Not just it has become more comfortable but also more attractive with new templates. Now you get Grid view for browsing notes which can also be secured with Passcode or Fingerprints. Talking about comfort, well you just simply need to Swipe down with single finger for new Note or swipe up with two fingers to delete a note. Easy enough ?

MIUI 8 Notes

MIUI 8 Power Saving, Spam Filter and Multi Window:

Battery is yet another important aspect we consider with every phone. Well, Xiaomi’s new MIUI 8 comes with improved Battery Saving mode which once turned on, it freezes all background apps and prevent battery consumption. It also suspends all running tasks, turns off the sync, etc for making your phone long last. You can now also manage your Startup apps.

MIUI 8 Power Saving Mode

With MIUI 8, we now also get Multi-Window support. There’s also a spam filter that keep your phone safe from detect scam and fraud messages.

MIUI 8 Multi Window

MIUI 8 Release Date:

Beta Registrations for MIUI 8 will start from May 16th and its Beta testing will start from June 1st. After which, Chinese version of MIUI 8 Developer ROM will be available from June 17th. Chinese users with Xiaomi Mi 2, 2S, Mi 3, Mi 4, Mi 4C, Mi 5 and Mi Note series can get the ROM from June 17th. As of now there’s no details available for Global version of ROM but we will keep you updated with the same as soon as we get any update.

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