Yu Yunicorn is the new Flagship launching on May 19

Last week we saw a teaser of new upcoming Flagship from YU featuring the CEO Rahul Sharma breaking a Ship model with hammer. Today, they started sending the Invitation revealing the schedule of launch event on May 19th. Also the name of the new Flagship called ‘Yu Yunicorn’.

What we understand from the earlier teaser was that the upcoming phone will Flagship breaker. The invitation reads something very similar. It says “Fantasy will soon become reality. Join us in the unveiling of the phone that will redefine flagships”.

YU Yunicorn Launch Invite

Although we dont have any information about the phone’s specifications or design, but we do know it is going to be really powerful, as Rahul Sharma said, Yu Yunicorn is going to Redefine Flagships. Earlier he also said, “It will break records, it will break the conventional, it will break the rules…WAIT, it will break the flagships.

We will bring more information and complete details about Yu Yunicorn during its launch. Do check back.

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