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Google io16 – Allo Chatting app with Built-in Search Announced

We all know Google io16 is in action as scheduled. On the first day Google has introduced some really interesting apps and information about its innovations we gonna see in future soon. One of the new invention of Google is called “Allo” which is a new chatting app with inbuilt Google search. That’s correct. Just like Gboard Keyboard that we recently saw having Google search built-in to the keyboard, the new Allo chatting app helps you to search anything withing the chat app, without leaving and going to separate app to search. (Also check Google Duo Video Calling app)

Google Allo App

Google Allo is the all new way of chatting experience. The built-in Google Assistant helps you to make your chat more convenient by offering auto suggestions, search results, emojis, pictures and whole lot more. For example, if you are chatting about Dinner Venue, you will be represented with best suitable restaurants around your location. If you confirm, Google itself can make your booking, right from the app in few taps. This is just an example, there’s much more interesting things the Allo has to offer you. It can keep up updated with your agenda for the day, details of your flight and hotel, or photos from your last trip.

You can even ask Allo about your Flight details right away during the chat, Search, Maps, YouTube and Translate to all your conversations. Allo also has a huge set of emojis and custom stickers, depending on the region or country. It is also smart enough to suggest you smart replies depending on the text you receive from your chatting partner. To use this app, you need to sign up with your mobile phone number or with Google ID that will help the Assistant to make your chat comfortable with related stuffs. Google Allo will be available as separate App for both Android as well as iOS in near future.

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That’s not all. Google Allo also take care of your privacy. There’s also an incognito mode that keeps your secret chats safe and secure with end-to-end encryption and discreet notifications. In short, Google Allo would be the best chatting app we may have. I’m excited to test it out when it is released for public.

Google Allo Chat

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