Apple OS X is now officially renamed to Apple ‘macOS’

At WWDC 2016, Apple has made several announcements including all of its hardware and software. But one major announcement made was renaming the company’s desktop operating system. The desktop we have be knowing as ‘OS X’ for more than 15 years is now gone. We now have the new ‘MacOS’. Apple has taken this step to streamline the naming continuity of all of its operating systems, i.e. iOS, watchOS, tvOS and now it is macOS.

Apple macOS Renaming

Regarding this new name, Craig Federighi, Apple’s senior VP of software engineering said “The new name wasn’t a product of “alleged members so of our marketing team going on a vision quest around California to find a new name.”

With the new name, Apple has introduced the all new and much advanced operating system, called ‘macOS Sierra‘. Not only it comes with integrated Siri, but also lets users login faster using Apple Watch, Universal Clipboard, improved iCloud, and lots more. You can read more about the new macOS Sierra here.

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