What is Samsung SmartGlow? An alternative to Notification LED

It seems like Samsung is all set to remove Notification LEDs and bring in something called ‘SmartGlow‘. It came into view from the leaked Samsung user manual showing a ring surrounded on the rear camera which is marked at SmartGlow. Have a look:

Samsung SmartGlow

This is said to be glowing like the notification lights, hence it is named SmartGlow and is also mentioned as ‘An alternative to the notification LED’ in the manual. Users can assign specific colors to it for their notifications, low data, low storage and of course low battery indicator. It is also said to be working as extra flash while taking pictures.

Samsung SmartGlow Manual

Talking about pictures, SmartGlow can be very helpful while taking Selfies using the rear camera. A report says that SmartGlow will turn into Blue when our face is set in the field of view, which means we are perfect to click. Or much better, you don’t need to click. When it is turned blue, the phone will capture the selfie automatically after 2 seconds. That’s something impressive.

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