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Top 10 Features of iOS 10: You are going to love this update

At the WWDC 2016 Keynote, Apple revealed many new stuffs including the Siri, the real hero of this entire keynote. At the same time, Apple also revealed two new major operating system updates, i.e. macOS Sierra and iOS 10. Well, these two brings a whole new experience of Apple products for us. Let’s find out what all new features we are going to get when iOS 10 arrives this fall.

iOS 10 Features

1. How are you Siri !

Siri is now much more smarter and intelligent then we have seen until iOS 9.4. Not only on iOS, but also for the first time on desktop macOS Sierra. It does much more for you, from finding files sent from a particular person on particular date, to booking a cab for you or making reservations for your dinner. Everything without even touching your phone or PC.

Furthermore, Apple has also announced the Siri SDK. That’s really great news because third party developers too now can integrate the service with their apps and services. In fact, we already saw a demo at keynote where Siri responds quickly when asked to send a message to particular contact on WeChat. It also already work with Slack, WhatsApp, Lyft and Square.

iOS 10 Siri

Furthermore, Siri now also works with Apple’s QuickType keyboard, making it more impressive. When you start typing, Siri will give you smart contextual suggestions based on your  location, agenda, calendar, and more. For example, if somebody texts you saying “where are you at the moment”. Siri will suggest you with your exact location. Just tap it and the receiver gets the text with answer. Seems like we have seen such ting in Google’s Gboard Keyboard too.

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