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Far Cry 4 Mission 6 Khilana Bazaar Save Game

Far Cry 4 is one of the best in its series so far. Thanks to the developers for providing us the same. Now coming to the point, this is the Save Game file for 6th Mission of Far Cry 4. The mission named ‘Khilana Bazaar’. Sounds Hindi term, lol. If you are playing the game on PC and got stuck somewhere in Mission 6, use this file and move ahead. No need to waste your time anymore. We have also uploaded individual save files for each missions of the game. You can find it in related articles below or use the tag. If you come across any problem with the game or Save files, feel free to use the comments box.

[wpdm_package id=’21797′]
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  1. Hey there, thanks a lot for the saves, but I’m having a tiny problem. It would seem that when I use your saves, my progression gets messed up(0 outposts showing when you have captured one already)

    Do you know if this is something fixable or will I have to live with that?

  2. Are these saves for the legal version of the game? It will be a pity, if they are not. You sure have potential, just don’t crap all over it!

    1. Hello UD. Sorry for the inconvenience caused. You need to enter the password “TechDisc” in the field provided below the image and then click Download button. File will start downloading.

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