Facebook Slideshow – Now convert your Photos into Movie on the go

Facebook today rolled out its new feature called ‘Slideshow’ globally for iOS user. Slideshow is a movie-maker sort of feature that lets you create amazing short movie with your photos and music to share instantly on social media. This isn’t anything unique because we have already saw such feature earlier from Apple ‘Memories’ as well as from Google Photo Movie Assistant. Well, they all know sharing a single static photos doesn’t feels good to the user.

Facebook rolled out Slideshow back in August but for just for testing purpose as companion to Moments app. And now, it is officially rolled out as standalone feature to (only) iOS users. We can expect it soon for Android too.

Wondering how Facebook Slideshow works? Well, when you open facebook app to share status, the app will suggest you to make ‘Slideshow’ if you have taken more than five photos or videos in last 24 hours. It will let you select the pictures / videos and to add music to create a movie. There are also some effects to make your movie attractive. Take a look.

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