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  • How to Convert AVI Video Format to MP4 Video Format

    Simply in a few words, I have come across this problem when playing my AVI videos, there is a moment I play so well but instantly when I switch to another playback tool, I face a backlash of the AVI video failing to play. Please, can someone clearly give me a reason for this and a remedy for the same?…

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  • Why Mobile Games are so Addictive

    Why Mobile Games are so Addictive? Does Banning them, Helps?

    If you often feel the urge to play your favorite game on your smartphone, and end up wasting hours doing so, you are not alone. It is a clearly indicates a situation that is better known as mobile game addiction. Wondering why mobile games are addictive? Let us try to find out the possible reasons. After reading this, you can…

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  • Roz Dhan Earn Money Online

    Roz Dhan: Fastest Money Earning App in India – Play, Refer & Earn Unlimited Cash

    Are you looking for some easy ways to earn money online? If yes, this article is for you. When we search for the easy ways to earn some extra money online in our free times, we come across plenty of apps and websites that claim to offer you cash but as a matter of fact, majority of these apps are…

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  • 5K Player Review

    5KPlayer Review: Best 4K HD Video Player to Download

    Looking for a free 4K Ultra HD Video Player that also allows you to download unlimited music and an AirPlay media streamer all together?? If yes, then you’re at the right place, we got you covered. How about having a 4K video player that not only lets you play but also download and convert videos/music from various online video streaming…

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  • direct-deposit

    How Does Direct Deposit Works?

    Setting up Direct Deposit to Receive Payments To get installments electronically, you have to give financial balance data to the association that is paying you. They may necessitate that you utilize a specific structure, (for example, an immediate store structure) or you might most likely simply give a voided check. Now and again, you’ll have to give your record data…

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  • Xiaomi Mi 9 SE Review

    Xiaomi Mi 9 SE Review: A Compact and Affordable Flagship Smartphone

    Xiaomi Mi 9 is a Flagship smartphone of the company and Mi 9 SE is just a younger brother of the same. Or we can call it ‘Special Edition’. Here we are talking about the slightly lower in specs, Xiaomi Mi 9 SE. The phone is packed with every exciting feature that you could possibly crave for. From dewdrop notch…

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  • WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe Review

    WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe Review: Compress And Convert 4K Videos

    Visual media is the most common and useful medium of information these days. We come across thousands of videos every day on our smartphones and PCs. As you may know, there’s been a lot of upgrades to the quality and formats of videos. And the most preferred video format these days are the 4K videos, also known as Ultra HD…

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  • WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro Review

    WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro Review – How to rip and convert your DVD into your PC

    With the rapidly development of digital media and movie industry, nowadays, more and more people would like to watch DVDs which are high quality of movies. However, not all gadgets can be used to play DVDs. What’s worse, it’s impossible to carry a DVD player or laptop everywhere at any time. Fortunately, WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro v12 comes out. It…

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  • Cubot Quest Review

    Cubot Quest – Most Affordable Powerful and Rugged Smartphone

    Cubot is know for its budget friendly smartphones with competitive specs and features. They proved it again by launching the all new powerful and rugged smartphone named ‘Cubot Quest’. They have made this phone with three key aspects which comprises of: Performance, Resistance and Endurance. For the resistance, the company has built Cubot Quest of rugged material and the screen…

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  • Cook It Game

    Cook It! Most Addicted Time Management Cooking Games

    I love playing games on my phone. Normally I play all different kinds of casual games: Match-3 games, hyper-casual games that you can play without thinking, idle games, design games, and racing games… there’s no type of game I don’t play! Lately, I’ve found my newest passion – cooking games! These games are WAY more fun than cooking in real…

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