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Tori Kelly Pays Her Respects With An Emotional Cover During The 2016 Emmy Awards “In Memoriam”

Emmy Awards 2016 - ArrivalsTori Kelly’s Emmy Awards debut tugged on everyone’s heartstrings. The singer brushed off her acoustic guitar to perform during Sunday night’s 2016 Emmy Awards “In Memoriam” segment. Tori covered Leonard Cohen’s classic “Hallelujah” as faces of late Hollywood stars from this past year flashed across the big screen.

Preparing for this moment was not easy for Tori. “I had to kind of keep my composure because to just be a part of a segment like that and pay tribute to all of the people that we’ve lost, it was just very moving for me,” the singer says on the red carpet.

While Tori’s performance has been receiving praise, not everyone is totally pleased with the segment. Fans of the late Christina Grimmie are rather upset that she wasn’t included in the montage.

Check out photos and video from Tori’s Emmy Awards debut and performance below.


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