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Is Justin Bieber Running For Office Or Does He Just Want A Grammy?

Is Justin Bieber Running For Office Or Does He Just Want A Grammy?Justin Bieber’s management team released quite possibly the most bizarre promotional tactic to date. A new video from Scooter Braun’s Projects Twitter account attempts to wash away all of the year’s scandals and explains why Justin deserves to win at least one out of the four Grammy nominations he’s up for this year. The clip reads like a strange underdog political campaign advertisement with interviews from Scooter, Diplo and Justin. Soundbites from various good news headlines try to remind everyone that Justin is “finally ready to embrace maturity.” The entire thing is presented with the phrase “for your consideration.”

“There’s a lot of people that are waiting for me to just mess up because a lot of teen stars do,” Justin’s voice dramatically narrates an emotional black and white montage. Scooter goes on to claim that “people are rooting for him now.” Diplo chimes in with words of his own. “Whether you love him or not, he’s a polarizing figure,” he says as if it’s a compliment. Justin later adds, for the hundredth time this year, “I feel like I finally got my purpose back.”

The rest of the clip continues to plead Justin’s Grammy case and it induces head-scratching feelings until the very end.

Check it out below.

Is Justin trying too hard now?

(Photo credit: tiarayuptr and SB Projects Twitter accounts)

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Justin Bieber Partners With App Bkstg For Grammys Tease

jbgrammy1Yesterday, Justin Bieber announced that he would be teaming up with the app @bkstg for an all access pass into his Grammy rehearsal. He tweeted “My new fan club is here. Get @Bkstg and #getcloser https://s.bkstg.com/zXJM90h” along with a teaser video captioned “Come see me at my grammy rehearsal with @bkstg.”

Check out the teaser below.

(Photo credit: Bkstg Twitter Account)

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Demi Lovato Will Be Paying Tribute To Lionel Richie At The Grammys

Demi-Lovato-Will-Pay-Homage-To-Lional-RichieDemi Lovato announced that she will be performing at the Grammy Awards. She will be joined by John Legend, Meghan Trainor and Luke Bryan in a special tribute to Lionel Richie.

The Grammys will air live February 15th on CBS at 8E/5P.

Do you like the artists that were chosen for Lionel’s tribute?

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