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Lauren Jauregui Is Ranting About Donald Trump’s New Environmental Policies Now

Lauren Jauregui Goes Off About Donald Trump's New Environmental Policies featureIn case anyone forgot, Lauren Jauregui is much more than just a bisexual icon. The Fifth Harmony singer is staying active by criticizing the current presidential administration. Her latest social media outburst is aimed at 45’s most recent undoing of Barack Obama’s environmental policies.

Promising to resurrect the coal mining industry, 45 has begun to dismantle Barack’s Clean Power Plan, which was created to limit greenhouse gas emissions from coal-fired power plants. Lauren had some strong thoughts about the decision, especially as it came after 45’s efforts to defund the Environmental Protection Agency and approve oil pipelines despite massive public protests.

“When the EPA was created, it was done so as a response to our rivers and lakes being so toxic they were FLAMMABLE; meaning the water was not water at all but a bunch of chemicals,” Lauren wrote in a lengthy Instagram post she also shared on Twitter. “When we forget about Gaia, we play ourselves. This is a dangerous fascist era we’re in and while we may not feel the effects right this second, (although many are), there are going to be grave consequences for our children and grandchildren. I am angry almost every day I wake up to a barrage of new things this government is trying to dismantle and create to oppress the American people.”

See Lauren’s Instagram post and read her entire message about the new policy shifts below.

(Photo credit: Lauren Jauregui Instagram account)

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