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Liam Payne Attacks “X Factor” Judge After Cheryl Fernandez-Versini Diss

Liam Payne Tells Louis Walsh To STFU After X Factor Judge Disses Cheryl Fernandez-Versini featureLiam Payne is turning into a regular papa bear already. The One Direction singer fired back after one of the judges on the UK installment of “The X Factor” told a reporter what he thought of Cheryl Fernandez-Versini coming back to the show. Liam had some thoughts for Louis Walsh, the music manager and judge who said “The X Factor” doesn’t need Cheryl.

“We have Nicole and Sharon,” Louis said, referring to Nicole Sherzinger and Sharon Osbourne. “We don’t need another girl.” Louis was getting a laugh from 5AM, the boy band he was being interviewed with, so he kept on with his rant. “Go and fuck off now,” he told the reporter who asked about Cheryl.

Liam caught wind of Louis’ interview and tweeted his thoughts about the exchange. He was unimpressed with what Louis had to say, but seemed more critical of the example Louis was setting for 5AM. Liam called Louis’ move “the worst example on handling media” and advised that he “shut the fuck up for once.”

Watch Louis’ interview and read everything Liam had to say about it below.

Do you think Liam overreacted to Louis’ remarks?

(Photo credit: Liam Payne Instagram account)

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