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Lauren Jauregui And Marian Hill’s “Back To Me” Is Getting A Music Video

Lauren Jauregui's Collab With Marian Hill Is Getting A Music VideoLauren Jauregui and Marian Hill’s Samantha Gongol spoke about their successful collaboration, “Back To Me,” in a recent interview with 96.5 AMP Radio. The other half of the music duo, Jeremy Lloyd, was absent form the chat and the ladies took the reigns to reveal what’s coming next: a music video.

“There are plans in the works,” Sam says. “I’m not sure I can divulge more than that, but be on the look out.” Lauren then chimes in with a devious-sounding chuckle.

The Fifth Harmony member spent a good chunk of time gushing about how her first solo venture came together organically. Obviously, this prompted the radio host to probe for information about future collaborations outside of Fifth Harmony. “I would love to collaborate with other artists, but I’m just taking it by stride, honestly,” Lauren says. “This just came so organically and that’s how I hope everything continues to come to me in my life. I don’t ever want to force anything.” As for a definite yes or no regarding more solo projects, Lauren offers “we’ll see” as a response.

Check out the full interview below.

Does Lauren have what it takes to sustain a solo career outside of Fifth Harmony’s shadow?

(Photo credit: Marian Hill Instagram account)

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