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A Hangover Didn’t Stop Halsey From Revealing Details About Her New Album

Halsey reveals new album detailsHalsey stopped by 97.1 AMP Radio, hangover and all, to speak to host Carson Daly about her current single “Now or Never” which she describes as a Romeo and Juliet story. The singer, who admittedly partied all night with her label, also managed to successfully discuss her upcoming project which will not sound anything like “Badlands.”

“I love ‘Badlands,’ my debut record, and it has a lot of really emotional, coming-of-age songs on it. I wrote it when I was 19, but I wrote before I had ever stepped foot in a club,” Halsey said about her debut album. Now at age 22, the singer has experienced a bit more of the club scene which helped her in the writing process. “The best thing about this album to me is that I can dance.”

Although she didn’t reveal who, Halsey revealed that there will be a major rapper featured on the album. Just to throw some names out there, the singer has been seen spending time with both G-Eazy and Machine Gun Kelly.

Listen to the full interview below.

(Photo credit: 971 AMP Radio Instagram account)

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