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Niall Horan Joins A “Real Boy Band”

niall horan a league of their own boy band james cordenNiall Horan made his return to “A League Of Their Own” for Thursday night’s episode. It was the One Direction singer’s first appearance on the program since he let host James Corden give him a temporary tattoo of James’ face on his butt. That episode featured the four remaining members of One Direction. But Niall flew solo for the new episode–and he kept his pants up.

The highlight of the night might’ve been James badgering Niall into another sort of performance, though. Lee Brennan of the ’90s boy band 911 was another guest on the show. James roped Niall into joining him and Lee in a quick dance break to “Bodyshakin’,” 911’s 1997 hit.

“Come and be in a real boy band,” James taunted Niall as he waved him out to center stage for the dance. The trio barely made it through one round of the chorus before Niall gave up.

Niall’s appearance on “A League Of Their Own” came the night before he’s set to make his solo TV debut singing his new single “This Town” on “The Graham Norton Show.”

Check out the dance below.

(Photo credit: Sky 1 YouTube channel)

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