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Gigi Hadid Has Spent So Much Time Around Zayn She Thinks She’s British Now

Communication Breakdown Gigi Hadid Tries To Prove She Can Understand Zayn's Accent featureGigi Hadid is in the U.K. prepping for a massive launch of the Fall 2017 line from Tommy X Gigi. While there, she stopped by the BBC Radio 1 Breakfast Show with Nick Grimshaw on Tuesday morning. Joined by Tommy Hilfiger, Gigi got grilled by Nick in a quiz game based on Zayn Malik’s northern accent. The host played clips of common northern English phrases for Gigi to decipher.

She fared pretty well, offering up the “California girl” translations to prove she’s a good listener. While she’s obviously been trying to Americanize Zayn, it seems like their cross-Atlantic relationship has them both rubbing off on each other. She’s even learning how to cook a proper English roast.

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